Why I fell in love with crypto?

It wasn't money. I was doing great (still better even) at my previous business than here.

Here I give my all, I worked some of most badass shifts I ever did... until April when my doctor told me to change some things... I would frequently sleep and wake every couple hours to update you on the calls, trade for you etc.

Then I stopped trading.

I couldn't do it as actively for health reasons, but I was determined to make this into an opportunity... to make Blockchain Whispers grow beyond just me.

Today I want to help all the great people in my team that make this possible.

Without my team, it would be lonely, hard, probably not even healthy... and even not that accurate.

I am lucky and fortunate that I found for you traders that are on the top of the world with accuracy. And I want to thank them here.

I knew that I am doing something right when coin makers started sending me insiders.

I knew that I am born for this when trades above my budget, would join in for free and be bigger professionals than the those paid even.

I knew I have a family here when I saw traders, and support team offer me reduced salaries in bear times, and then I knew..

I have a special team!
In this journey in crypto I met a couple of really good, loyal friends. At first more the naysayers and competitors would bug me... but now I evolved past that, I watched the interview with Dana White (6 billion dollar man, the founder of UFC) where he said it's normal whenever you're doing something worthy of doing and that they can even fuel you.

The good people in crypto impressed me, truly.

Followers that couldn't afford premium out of gratitude for the free stuff they got, would even report me guys who would send them premium stuff for free... and some say people in crypto are greedy?

Yes, some are, but some have loyalties and other human qualities above that.

It's not greed if you want to make a lot of money to do everything you want. You shouldn't feel bad about it... Heck, imagine you have 1 coin 1 dollar od whatever... and if you use say Premium signals and make 2x, you shouldn't stop and say hey I made enough... only if you truly did fulfill your dreams... otherwise, do not stop until they are achieved.

So today, I want to thank every single good person that helped Blockchain Whispers become what it is today. Every voter, member, follower, teammate.... thank you.

You are the core of Blockchain Whispers, not me, I'm now just a skipper - navigate through the crypto jungle in search for accuracy and good people that could benefit it.

Grateful, yours,

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2 years ago ago
Feels nice to read such a post from you, D-man... I always found you somewhat arrogant (but that's just me), but seeing a such a humble post from you is refreshing and my respect for you went a notch higher with this... :-)
2 years ago ago
Wasome words! The people join us for something better.