Coinbase To List Ripple (XRP)

Coinbase To List Ripple (XRP)

I want to give you a taste of our Premium Blockchain Whispers signals:

Coinbase will probably in the following weeks, month(s) list Ripple!

This is why:

According to Mr. Y, who is by far the most accurate analyst when it comes to Coinbase, and second only to Coinbase-insiders... he predicted ZRX listing when nobody even dreamt of it, now he made the following conclusion:

Coinbase applied for approval as a custodian of six currencies.

all of them are listed at Coinbase except Ripple (XRP)

Why they apply if they don't plan to have it listed?

Now, please take a moment and realize that you are the first knowing this information.

Only Blockchain Whispers Premium members got to know this before you.

Imagine the edge you have...

And this is just one of two signals our Premium members got today.

I just couldn't resist but to share this one with you.

Because I do want you to say one day, Blockchain Whispers helped me choose wisely, and gave me an edge to profit more!

I am D, and this is your Blockchain Whispers update

(now go bang some, because you know probably hotter news than the whole day of studying would bring you... study smart, not hard :)


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