Tip Of The Day #3 > You can access news AND the chart directly off your homepage now

Tip Of The Day #3 > You can access news AND the chart directly off your homepage now

Did you know that Blockchain Whispers 2.0 is designed to give you the full trading edge you need, right off the home page?

1) You see on top your portfolio standings and the price.
2) Then you read the Bitcoin sentiment - real, by real people of real Blockchain Whispers
3) And now... the third step is, you check the news in our E.A.R. (C) - Early Activity Radar
and see it directly on the chart.

Yup! Check this out:

1st - you type in your coin of interest

In our case we used Bitcoin.

Your Blockchain Whispers E.A.R. will automatically scan and filter for you only Bitcoin-related news, and open you a special Bitcoin-only page.

It shows you real-time: price, and full market cap details in the header, volume, and also

2) if you click "show chart" - you can see the fully editable TradingView chart without having to waste time browsing away while making the timely decision:

I waited for this tip of the day as we needed to select and embed over hundred charts with best volume and best representation for you to make proper crypto decision. 

3) The chart you see is fully editable, you can draw, analyze, make a screenshot, share,... just like on a small TradingView... all without, having to browse away, waste time, and have all info like a top billion dollar+ hedge fund pro, at the reach of your fingertips, at one screen:

I hope you enjoy it. Get a grasp, find it useful.

This is another Tip of the day of the crypto trading edge bag of goodies the 2.0 Blockchain Whispers upgrade brings to the table.

And don't worry - it's all free, for as long as I can finance it.

My dream was to get you an edge and to get me accuracy. Those two are closely related, because the more accuracy I have at hands, the better, stronger edge I can provide you.

According to many, now, Blockchain Whispers 2.0. became the most useful homepage for crypto traders.

You be the judge. I listen. Give me feedback is there anything else that you truly need in trading and lacking?


So far we solved:

If you don't have any knowledge about crypto - you can read my posts and become fairly knowledgable.

If you don't have any coins - you can earn on: 1) wiki 2) partner affiliate program - they both offer lifetime commissions because no one else has the balls to give that :) -- so you can earn even if you know nothing about trading, but have desire to succeed. 3)

If you already know trading, and are good at it, you can earn top dollar for just 10 minutes of your time.

If you need accurate crypto signals - you can get them on D.A.R.T. (www.blockchainwhispers.com/cryptosignals); by following @blockchainwhispersbaby Telegram; or by getting other hidden free signals across this site (from these posts to Bitmex position calculator submissions).

If you want to get notified when something important happens - you have Blockchain Whispers free account which you verify by telegram and get instant notifications (yet fully customizable, so receiving message from your Blockchain Whispers 2.0 is a joy and value for you).

If you are ready to take your trading, money-attracting to the pro level, once and only once you're ready, you'll upgrade for premium signals and get the best of all we have at our hands in terms of accuracy, timely info and wisdom.

If you don't know which news matter, which don't - we have E.A.R. program - that is months of development (active one, not a lazy one!), to get you only the news that matters with something nobody else can offer, and that I can thank only you, the loyal, intelligent Blockchain Whispers community for - the real sentiment on the news - and the real sentiment people had to order custom polls for, as that was the only only way - you can't get it on a dumb-full news site, you can't get it on a biased trader's charting community, you can get it only here. I think everything says that the unbiased, clear decision on the sentiment has been made since day one of us launching this... and so far it was never wrong. And as long as the love in this community remains, it never can be wrong - because this is the real sentiment.

I thank you for reading this a bit lengthy Tip of the day. I wanted to share my vision for Blockchain Whispers. It is up to you to use it and to make it the most valuable crypto resource you have.

I do know some people will make MILLIONS because of the edge Blockchain Whispers provide them. Some will make nothing. At the end of the day, it is up to you, but I believe in helping and in building together things so that you don't have to start like I have - with nothing... and that your next blockchain generations don't have to start where you started, but that we give a platform that is community built, yet strongly led (I'm proud of the fact I can still tell institutional fucks how I spank Natashas, and they can freely leave the most valuable crypto page on the planet... if they dare.... or, for once, they get to come to our house (not mortgaged by them!), and listen to our rules: First Natasha dances, then we talk business ;)


Blockchain Whispers Baby!




P.S. Use it.

P.P.S. Natasha says: Use it or lose it :)

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Thats great. Ever evolving is how we will be ever growing.
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Awesome! Can't believe I am a part of the best crypto platform in the world. You're the best!
Firebeard Jeff
1 year ago ago
Freaking amazing Dman! This place is a beast!
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1 year ago ago
Thank you D Man!!!!
1 year ago ago
BCW2.0 is way more than I expected!