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Change in DART Leadership

Change in DART Leadership

Contestant eqe surpassed BUN with badass high-gain trade yesterday - and bun's only loss was enough to put him on position two. Very interesting race.

Crypto Signals Championship - D.A.R.T.



  • 637
2w ago
. The fact that eqe & bun traded places in ranking proves that now every trade mentioned by the champions will have to be researched better as lot of BCW followers will follow their trades too.
  • 75
2w ago
all are good traders, congrats. so happy that this platform here exists. its "Crypto-Crowd-Intelligence" and the Banks cant do shit about it. They can attack, but we will survive and stand up again. LOL
  • 138
2w ago
Doing great guys keep it up
  • 156
2w ago
What a race! These super traders =)). Good luck to you!