Your Portfolio:

Challenge: Can I Make You Experience The Bull Run In Bear Times?

10 trades.

Hand holding.

Portfolio management.

Step by step.

The only way to earn in bear times is having an ability to short.

Blockchain Whispers Premium will stop accepting new members within like 12 hrs or so, when the first trade is posted, for the duration of the ten trades as I won't be able to manage your portfolio mid way, you have to follow the group tightly for this group effort to work and to help you recover the blows made by bear dips and if all goes smooth even nice bull-like gains.

These will NOT be impressive trades. Fast trades. Buy lowest wick sell highest peak... it will be confirmed, high odds, low risk trades.

It will be traded on BitMEX ( if you need an account that gives you 10% discount off their fees for 6 months!).

If you believe this journey will be successful, I invite you to join premium now by going to "Signals" page and taking care of the payment. Once done, the system will automatically enable you access to follow this ten trades journey.

Reasons to join now:

the Premium price is stable, and bitcoin is now low.

we are now not charging for any renewals until the ten trades period is over (and successful!).

We are doing the biggest hand holding I ever did... telling you how much to put in which trade, which buttons to click - even a monkey can do this one.

Plus you'll learn a proper-aggressive portfolio management.

To get started join now. If you choose to miss out, the doors close when the first trade is posted and you're out until this is over. This is designed to help you recover from bear times and have you experience neutral to even light-bull times through Blockchain Whispers trading edge.

Whatever you decide, I thank you for following and I give you a big hat down for being in crypto at this early stage.





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D Man
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Thank you!!! :)