bZx Protocol (BZRX) Formerly Known As B0x Review, Analysis And Prediction (VERY RARE GEM in 2018)

bZx (BZRX) Marketcap: $8.2MM (@$225/ETH) or 36,500 ETH
ETH per BZRX: .000073 ETH = 1 BZRX 
Circulating supply: ~530,000,000 BZRX
Total supply: ~1 030 000 000 BZRX

Value Proposition:

The bZx protocol is an open protocol for decentralized exchange on the Ethereum blockchain, it facilitates peer-to-peer margin lending, shorting, and leverage of ERC20 tokens. This is not a decentralized exchange! It is a protocol to build a decentralized exchange on top. The token is used secondary for paying fees and primary as governance mechanism for protocol upgrades. The potential for decentralized exchanges is huge, do not think about normal exchanges. The bZx protocol fits into the existing 0x-relay infrastructure and can be just as big as 0x if not bigger because of their token model which has a sink in the form of the guarantee fund. The derivatives markets are massive and literally every person in the ecosystem can benefit from extracting the time value of their money. There are already groups working to build on top of the bZx protocol. This protocol will be part of the emerging security token stack, which is one of the most valuable coming applications. The team has built deep connections across the ecosystem including 0x, Augur, Maker, KyberNetwork, MelonPort, Coinbase. They are currently being integrated by +6 relays including Starbit, SharkRelay, Amadeus, BambooRelay, OpenRelay, and Instex. They are engaged in talks with RadarRelay to integrate the protocol. The protocol is also integrated with KyberNetwork and serves as a liquidity bridge between the 0x and KyberNetwork ecosystems. They are already live at BambooRelay now.

Coinbase Listing, Coinbase Integration, Goldman Sachs, Augur, Maker, Melonport, ETHLend, The Ocean, district0x, WhaleLend, ChainLink connection:

I observed several points that led me to the conclusion that bZx will be listed at Coinbase and used as an underlying protocol for their ERC20 margin-trading operation:

1. the BZRX token is fully compliant with the requirements for new listings that GDAX published and follows the ZRX token model
2. Coinbase would profit from having a "cheap token" listed. An asset that is priced under 10$
3. The BZRX team has reported being in contact with Ron Bernstein of Paradex/Coinbase and on the "integration hot list".
4. The BZRX token is one of the few fully functional and useful tokens on the market

The team has privately revealed that they have talked extensively to Joey Krug, and that he would like the protocol to be integrated with the Augur UI much like Airswap. I have seen documented communications evidencing that Joey Krug believes their protocol to be superior to the competition (e.g., dYdX). In the coming weeks they will be going live with Augur integration on the testnet. Joey Krug recently retweeted this. The protocol will be used to support margin trading for Augur scalar markets. The Ocean X (built on 0x) has ties to Goldmans Sachs, which aims to open a cryptocurrency trading desk at Wall Street in the coming months. They are in talks to use bZx for their relay. Melonport intends to use the protocol to allow its asset managers to go leveraged short and long in the coming months. They have a partnership with MakerDAO and their upcoming margin loan tokens will be considered as collateral for multi-collateral CDPs. These margin loan tokens could form the backbone of the Maker stablecoin infrastructure as they will allow you to profit on your cryptos even as they are locked up in CDPs. This alone is massive if you can imagine every single CDP being collateralized using tokens minted from their protocol. They have a similar partnership with ETHLend as margin loan tokens has application to any protocol that requires collateral, and the ETHLend CEO Stani Kulechov is on their board of advisors. Alexander Khoriaty of district0x is also one of their advisors, hinting at a possibility of a future district0x partnership. They are currently in talks with district0x for their oracle marketplace to become the next district0x district. They've announced partnerships with liquidity providers like WhaleLend which will seed the protocol with millions in loan liquidity. Sergey Nazarov recently contacted the team to initiate a partnership between bZx and ChainLink. Wyre and BBOD have also reached out to form partnerships. Future integrations with Totle, Fetch, Airswap, and Bancor are reported to be down the line. 

Market Prediction:

I expect that much like ZRX, the token will get listings on many exchanges due to its utility. Likely x3 depending on market sentiment. The long-term prospects of the token are huge due to the novel token model. The token acts a lot like ZRX, but the design of the protocol allows for a token sink in the form of the guarantee fund. Lender assets are protected by a passive, pragmatically controlled fund that slowly accumulates a small amount of fees earned on interest. That fund will eventually be diversified into ETH and BZRX token, causing the fund to act as a sink. This is a major advancement on the ZRX token model which only accrues value through being a medium of exchange and governance mechanism, both of which are far worse at accruing value compared to a genuine token sink.

You can get it through this link with a special bonus:

You can get it now as they are pegging it to eth at fixed value and just a fraction of tokens is left at pre-sale price. My Premium members got this wonderful opportunity, and now if you are VERY fast, you can get the bonuses too as 94.6% is sold out at the moment, only a couple hundred ETH left at this discount level.

I got you this opportunity after months of watching, communication, getting us this deal... I believe from the text above you can conclude why it's a smart and potentially really really lucrative investment.  Especially now while everything is down and knowing their team will launch on exchanges once the bull run begins.

I waited for new system to post this to premiums, we almost ATE their entire pre-sale cap ourselves. Now, I want to give you a chance, very time-sensitive chance because they are near the cap at this high bonus pre-sale round.

The link is here to get some: 
(You will need to have Chrome extension Metamask or Ledger Wallet to make the investment. If in problems contact @xantisofia on Telegram and she will help you)


In summary: this token allows peer to peer lending of eth-based coins, imagine systems that don't relay on bitmex bullshit, but lending is done on blockchain - your tokens locked, you are making profit off of lending, someone trades at a leverage, no risk for lender, greater liquidity.  This is not an exchange, this is a platform which exchanges can use to work - and trading blockchain assets on blockchain makes a bunch of sense.  Especially since it's solving the need for Bitmex or any other potentially manipulative trading platform.  This is the next gen in my opinion. 

If you want in, I advise you to get it now because there is very few pre-sale spots remaining and it's stupid to miss the bonus we are getting.  And the more tokens we control, the better the price will be ;)

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1 year ago ago
Is this dead?
1 year ago ago
as a token it might be
1 year ago ago
is the link working for anyone else?
1 year ago ago
Y a-t-il des nouvelles de BZX?
1 year ago ago
I wish @Dman would let everyone that invested know about what is happening with this
11m ago
Is bzrx dead?
Fools Gold
11m ago
Absolutely not, the work continues and eventually we'll see returns. I have faith in this project, the amount of work those guys do is amazing. Just need to get it to market now.
9m ago
any opdates on this ?