But even with all that - there are shitload of people in crypto, we count tens of thousands, while...

the whole crypto industry counts tens of millions - what it means is you get great projects, great long term holds so that if you stick to it, if you're not greedy or have any other emotional or mental problem, you will do really good this year.

To paint you a picture:

A normal trader, student Josh:
he was everywhere, he realized crypto got challenging lately, and found Blockchain Whispers. He followed Blockchain Whispers for a while and he realized it is by far the most accurate, most valuable telegram channel in existence. Full of insider early news, full of good gem trades, lessons etc - so he decided to trust that D man who talks about boobs and coins..

He got gems like NPXS, ZIL, BLZ, ENG,... here on a free channel - and he read D man's research and he did his own research. He invested like a $1000 each. he doesn't have any more funds, but he doesn't care because all he wanted to do was find good investments and put it in. He is okay, happy. He doesn't have time to do 20 hours a day crypto. Nor does he want to. Three months later, zil + 300%, eng + 100%, BLZ + 50%, NPXS + 500%...

He is happy - he sells some keeps some, rewards himself with some party, sees some boobs, gives his mom a bit... and then decides, alright I want this even better, and he sends a message to @bwregisterbot and joins Premium.

He learned, he earned, he invested.

Now there is a NUT CASE Jimmy:
He is unemployed, learned he can make a bunch of free money in crypto - he found this channel who knows how, among pump and dumpers, youtubers, or he clicked the wrong link, anyway he got here... first, he has no money for crypto, so he borrowed, probably from some leg breaking loanshark at 20% monthly, because hey he can make 10000x a month in crypto, right?


But Jimmy being Jimmy the nutcase, he then gets a call, he is lazy so he doesn't check the group actively, but he comes he sees the call, doesn't check the chart which is WAAY up, and he does what - he invests (or better say) gambles...
and soon after what happens as always after a big spike... the correction happens...

"OH shit it's going down...", he thinks and he panic sells for easy 20% loss.

And then he sees the call going up, but he doesn't act until like 20% up and then he repeats the cycle. At the peak he invests and it continues maybe 10% up- he says it's his opportunity to be rich he triples up, calls his loanshark and goes all in, fuck it, house, what casino, we rock this shitcoin 321 now..
after 10% the big dump happens...

Fuck D man! fucking scam pump and dump I'm out going to find his ass fucking fucker...

then he goes to the next group... and to the next until he just becomes your wen moon wat lambo troll.

Ask yourself - do you want to be Jimmy or Josh?

Lesson 2

You decided to trade - want to outsmart people - then here's the secret


How did we become the most trusted channel in the world?

Because I was willing to work harder, and do whatever it takes, investing everything... to make it happen.

Don't you think there was some greedy fuck or fucks in crypto that came with the 'brilliant' idea: "hey he has premiums times xxx = a bunch of money let me do it".

Of course they did - what I'm doing here is public, but they lacked two things:
A Desire to do what it takes and a desire to help.

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