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BTC Speculative Prediction

Let me try to predict the 3-way move.

This is exponentially harder than 2-way move, which is exponentially harder than 1 way.

Basically, you know how hard it is to get accurately both down and up move. I'll try to predict even the third move.

No matter the amount of analysis and that I am confident I have odds in my favor, and edge... this can only be speculative and should be treated as such.

Bitmex chart xbtusd

I expect first the down move to 3523 area.

Then I expect an up move to 3680 area.

Then I expect a big dump.

Current price is 3586. Let's see what happens.





  • 108
1m ago
4th move, after big dump, begining of up rise.?
D Man
  • 3189
1m ago
now as the things progress... the odds change so we might go up first and then the harder dump..
  • 637
1m ago
Hope all DART players are paying attention. He definitely has extra cards under his sleeves. More insider information. Better analysis.
  • 185
1m ago
I completely agree with this trade setup. I too had my last trade on DART set at $3523 for long and the targets were similar. I'm extremely thrilled to have deduced the charts like you. Or is this a coincidence?
D Man
  • 3189
1m ago
I don't know. the first step is easy. This is the three steps... so we will see. It's hard to figure out if we did the charts right since neither of us is showing our charts :)