BTC Imagine you're a whale. You have 100 icecreams in your possession. And you come in a class...

of 30 people that want icecream.

They all want it, and are willing to pay for it. So you sell $5 a pop.

But if you then go to sell another one -- they are not that hungry, they don't want it that badly, the desire is not that high - so you can sell for maybe $2

and 100 - you can't sell unless at like $0.5 even then with a problem.

What happened now this morning was a dip in btc due to whale sale.

You just sold your first icecream.

But we don't know how many icecreams does he have. Is it just those 30 or he has 100 that he wants to get rid of. But I do know one thing. If he doesn't have more he has to wait a bit for the order book to pile up a bit and then dump again.

If he has more - then it's actually smart for him for them to eat that icecream, go to playground, build up desire again and do it. Now the orderbook builds up - maybe he dumps the next part tomorrow or today or in a week - it is one wallet or one same group.

You must understand that.

So I ask you, what is the smartest move?

To stay in the market and be like - hey I told you! It is going up - or to be away for a while until strong bulls catch up, until g20 passes... really - what such great news we have right now that we MUST be in the market?

And I do know that if it drops to 8, 6,5... I do know that I'll buy it in with smile - so I'm out, and I advised you to do so.

IF he has no more icecreams to sell, the price goes up. But again there's g20.
If he has more - and it seems he might have more - the price goes down and this time not with me.

MY goal is to protect you as a first group, not to make you gains - gains you make in premium. Although after making over 4000% since dec 7th last year in the free group - you could say I am weak on your charms :)


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