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BTC BTC is currently at $8282. Chilling precisely on the bearish trend-line. BTC has never been so...

undecided as today. It could either break-out, fake-out or break-down. BTC needs to attempt to break the next resistance line at $8600 and rest above $8400 for confirmation. Major support still at $7900.

Probability = Day chart looks promising with Stochastic double bottom, RSI needs a second confirmed bottom and also price is climbing from lower Bollinger Band to the middle BB. Probability of bullish forecast overweighs bearishness, TA wise.


ETH had an early start today and is currently at 0.085888. Price is attempting to breakout following yesterday's BB squeeze and we might see it close to 0.090000. ETH, of late, has been very consistent with unoticable pullbacks. RSI and Stochastic are both overbought however ETH doesn't care. Prospects are good, future is promising and ETH is a hardcore coin. Very much undervalued from our long term target at 0.135000.