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BTC Analysis by Mr. C - one of our top chartists: BTC Currently $6481. Price jumped from 0.786...

as stated in yesterday's BTC report. BTC jumped over 6% from $6123 to $6520. This does not mean that we are bullish again. A jump from a fib line is part of a wave cycle.

What should we expect short term?

BTC attempts to break $6600 - $6750. If BTC forms a bullish engulfing candlestick pattern on the day chart, it would be very encouraging.

BTC might also re-visit $6284 area. Although a bounce was made, we are not bullish yet. Chart still suggests that trend is downward however we did witness a 6%+ bounce from the bottom. This makes me hopeful that there are bulls waiting, there is foundation and BTC still has hope to turn this around.