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Breaking: The Most Awaited ETF Withdrew Its Application!

VanEck is out.

According to SEC ( ) they withdrew the application.

CBOE withdraw their application of the VanEck/SolidX Bitcoin ETF.

They voluntarily withdrew their application for a proposed rule change, which is mandatory for the ETF, with the SEC.

Time to prepare for the shakey roads gentlemen!

Blockchain Whispers baby!

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P.S. Blockchain Whispers is FIRST revealing this news. 8 minutes prior other first next major news site!



  • 24
1m ago
Crypto market has to build its own economy system,, don't beg traditional market to support it,.. (it's like doing suicide IMO)
  • 19
1m ago
The crypto market rarely has any major reaction to fomo or fud. The ETF's are delayed due to the gov partial shutdown. No big deal. As far as I can see, the futures market and large institutions that have jumped in have tried to kill BTC. We'd be better off if they were banned from our crypto markets. They are manipulators and nothing more.
  • 97
2m ago
Again a free mistake.... Hope it gets better soon...
D Man
  • 3240
1m ago
What exactly was a mistake? We were the first to announce the news. The dip did happen, just a small $50 one on which many profited at high lev, and when they saw no reaction they put the stops at entry. Am I missing anything?
  • 56
1m ago
No one needs your stupid smartass comments c2o. Get enough of that everywhere else. What have u ever done for anyone?
  • 25
2m ago
Who still cares about etfs ?