BREAKING: Bitmex Sicario Cartel Onboarding!

Read This Message In Full, Or You'll Hate Yourself Forever If You Put Aside And Miss Out.

Dear reader, friend, loyal follower,

gone are the times where I think I'm the best trader alive and share alt calls that make you shit your pants with accuracy.  Due to my health issue I even stopped trading in May... and now I am focused on finding the best of the best - elite of elite... guys who you can't afford to miss.


In Bull times everything goes up - and the shittier the coin, the higher gain potential it has.  Even one news publication is enough for it to double, or quadruple in gains.  These were the times of December 2017.


Then the bear 2018 came - I announced guys get out when the btc was over 16k. 

After bear times, came high-manipulation bear times that caught even me off guard.

I knew, there is someone who is nailing it -- every sunset is a sunrise somewhere else..


Announcing The Bitmex Sicario Cartel

Alfred, my right hand got contacted by their top guy.  He followed their stats and these are the results for the month of July: +452%, 12 out of 14 accurate trades!

Here are the stats:

How would you like - in these times, when everyone is dipping, to be achieving these results?

Now you can!

At no cost!


Yup, you read it right.  I struck a deal with them.  They must prove themselves to me. And although they don't need my pay for their exclusive service for Blockchain Whispers followers... they do like our fame and respect what I do for the community.

So, from now on, you can follow their calls at:

But D, what's the catch?

The catch is, like always, I reward loyalty and I want activity.  For that, I will NOT update you when the call is posted (sometimes I will, but as a general rule I won't). You have to be active to chase this goldmine.


What if you can't have Bitmex account?

Well the good thing is, the Bitmex Sicario Cartel trades with 5-10x at most.. so you can get some of the gains by going to bitfinex and doing 3x there.

If you have a Bitmex, make sure you have a privileged account with the discount on their trading fees because it gives you a discount on the entire leveraged position and it accumulates.  If you have an ordinary account, you're paying too much, I invite you to use this link and register a new one.  These savings accumulate. (and maybe soon you have enough to afford Premium membership here at Blockchain Whispers :)

Now, these are the updates...

The Sicario Team is badass... and following them costs you nothing here at Blockchain Whispers -- and even if you use it to strengthen your own research and calls... it's by far better than reading on some forums what some noobs are fomoing or fuding..


Thank you for your evergrowing and always present trust,

For Blockchain Whispers,


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