Bluzelle (BLZ) This is a long-term pick that should come to profits not later than Q4 of this...


Analysis below by our top analyst focused on human psychology (extremely accurate so far).

Value Proposition:
Once decentralized applications are Mainstream, these DApps will exchange massive amounts of data that
need to be stored and managed.

The problem is blockchains like Ethereum are not designed for data storage
and management; doing so would take up too much space and take too much time. Bluzelle is a decentralized,
on-demand, immutable and scalable database service for dApps.

Without such Database Providers the
decentralized Internet would not be able to run efficiently and scale to massive use. Bluzelle is doing
this by incentivizing People to provide resources to the network (disk space) in return for earning Bluzelle
tokens (BLZ). Everyone who participates will be required to put up a proportional stake of Bluzelle tokens
(Proof of Stake, respective Proof of Storage), in order to provide a guarantee on the service levels Bluzelle
will provide. Bluzelle will encourage competition by producers to provide higher quality services, where
those with higher service levels can charge more but also have to put up a higher stake.
Consumers (developers are targeted) are spending Bluzelle tokens so they can store and retrieve data.
Bluzelle will create swarms of nodes (Sharding technique) which are acting collectively to dynamically store
data with partial replication.
There are four primary drivers of demand for DBaaS (Database as a Service):

Consumer personalization apps - financial, dating, social media products

Internet-of-things (IoT) applications - everything is being connected

Mobile apps and DApps - amount of data consumed is growing exponentially

Line-of-business (LoB) collaboration - business units share more info
With all these applications producing more and more data, past and present database management services are
under-equipped to meet the needs of businesses. There are problems centered around performance, reliability
and scalability. These can lead to problems of data breaches resulting in massive amounts of data theft.
Bluzelle offers a solution to this emerging problems.

Other planned usecases are:
-Building enterprise KYC software solutions on top of Ethereum for OCBC, MUFG and HSBC banks
-Developing a full service suite of services to power ICOs, including security-audited smart contracts to
power ER0-20 tokens and sales contracts.
The Team is very experienced in the blockchain space and already built trusted blockchain tech for
enterprise level businesses for HSBC, Mircosoft and a few others. Their Advisors are pretty impressive, they
have Alex Leverington (Ethereum Core Developer), Prashant Malik (Co-Creator of Apache),
Brian Lio (CEO of Smith & Crown) among others.

Bluzelle will have an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in April this year. They have partnerships with 0x, Zilliqa
and bee token.

Market Prediciton:
Bluzelle does not compete with the file storage competitors (Storj, Filecoin, Sia). File storage is about storing
entire files (>10KB) without the option to manipulate that file. The only thing you can do is add or delete the file.

Bluzelle is competing in the data field storage. Data fields are small and organized in structure and there is an
option to manipulate that data: create, read, update, and delete (CRUD).
Once Ethereum and the other Blockchain Platforms have solved their Scalability issues and decentralized applications
can be used at large scale, solutions like this will be much neeeded.

Nothing to be rushed at - it's q4 - great buy price around these days...

Chase for price - when btc falls, and alts are down, check for BLZ in red, and then you can get it and hold. Cheers!


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