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The talk in the communities is that they lost trust for Tron (TRX) and that they lost money. I am so grateful that I have such appreciation in this community that I sometimes stumble upon interesting events thanks to you - this one I was informed about from my loyal follower, after which me and my team researched the fucker for two days... and what we discovered is just...

... shocking!

As you might know, the Tron (TRX) Test Net is launched on 31 March (main net will be May 31st), together with the announcement of their mechanism on how they will do a coin burn (announced by Justin Sun, CEO, early January. It is expected to be Ripple like (over time) and you could expect this to increase the price per token).

That's all public knowledge and this is why you already see the price steadily increasing by 5-10% in the last days. More impactful is this insider info: there has been a market maker who at one instance posessed 7.5 billion Tron (> 10% of total circulating supply in one wallet!) He purchased this between end of Nov till mid Dec. Since then, the wallet has only been selling and has never (!) purchased Tron again, not even when it was at 0.025$ last week. This wallet has been selling off Tron every single day and has kept the price low. At every breakout, he sold more to get the price back down. The rate was very slow in February (30M / day sold) but that all changed when Tron was listed on Bittrex: in a few days, he sold 2 billion Tron and since then, the average rate has jumped to 140M / day average for March. The previous days, the buy pressure is still very high and the MM is still selling that 140M average. This wallet 'only' has 1.26B Tron left now, so it stops in 5 days max... With the anticipation on Test net and Coin Burn, I estimate it's going to sell off sooner. And let this be a concidence or not, but what date are we then... right: 31 March. Boom, an explosive cocktail of news and fiercely reduced selling pressure.

Of course, DYOR. The MM's address is 0xB287a379e6caCa6732E50b88D23c290aA990A892 and can be found on Etherscan.

What this means?

First off - the odds are to almost certainity, this is Tron's market manipulation

but why?

I think Justin (CEO of Tron) will have mixed feeling between hate and love for me sharing this - however, hey, he didn't inform me of this so that I'm obliged to keep my mouth shut - we discovered it ourselves, so our first loyalty is to you - my loyal follower.

Justin's Sinister Masterplan

Alright - so why he did this?

Volume + peak when he needs it!

Here's what I mean: What happens if someone is constantly selling (and there is no proof that he didn't get the equal amount of buying on the other side): he creates ARTIFICIAL volume!

Coin looks popular, gets on radars...

And that's the obvious one and a good marketing move, smart, all good. Here comes the badass plan, and how you can profit...

You see MM will sell all trx PRECISELY about the testnet launch!

Ask yourself why.

Well, because he wants TRX spike in profits in value during the testnet, so that more apps join in, so that it has a successful mainnet.

How to profit: now that you know they have orchestrated everything that after the TRX testnet everything starts being bullish, simply until then wait for the down spot - for the dip in price, and then buy - hold. I estimate 40%+ profit.

Weird shit, huh? baby, Blockchain Whispers!

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