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Blockchain Whispers Wiki - Thank You Contributors


Just check out some of the recent submissions (and it is fully my fault for not being sooner as the coding had bugs and I wanted it smooth before I encourage you to start leaving your mark in Blockchain Whispers history):

And this is just the beginning...

Other articles are in there...


Thank you, contributors.

This upcoming week we will spend more time to smoothen wiki, submissions and all... once that is ready - I think we will be a one-stop-shop for people interested in crypto knowledge: signals, news, wisdom,...

I am impressed you like wiki so much. Frankly, it was one of the projects I was worried if it will make any sense to even make. Now it might as well be the best on out there :)





P.S. To submit your article, just go to and first choose category: crypto or trading... then select or suggest a subcategory and create an article. Enjoy!



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2w ago
Welcome D Man. You are our inspiration