Blockchain Whispers Reach What did we (you and me and the rest of the team and Blockchain Whispers...

Blockchain Whispers Reach
What did we (you and me and the rest of the team and Blockchain Whispers crypto family) achieve?

What we did by never:
cross promoting
pumping and dumping

... achieve?

We got trust. We got the most loyal following in crypto.

I heard John Mcafee's team bragging about that their recommendation can get up to a million dollars in investment for a coin. We do this on a bad daytrading day with this group.

And the main reason lies in our credibility.

You got to trust your D man that talks about strippers and parties. Time has proven. D man didn't fuck you. D man's claims came true, one by one... and you got on a good place.

Here in this free Blockchain Whispers channel, you never paid a dime and you got:
Insider news
early news
pre-listing news
long term gems
10x, 6x, 4x gems
valuable trading knowledge
free Bestseller with a coin that did 2x
free trailing stop tool produced for you
you name it.

And I am still producing stuff for you, because it's incredible what love of people can do for you... I got many health tips, I got good wishes by people, and hey... someone would say "it's because you're making them money" — but really, we were in a bear season, fucked up season, lucky to be floating in green season... and still I got to build the most trusted channel in crypto.

Now I have a team I am proud of, we are still improving, developping... but people wonder

Why is Blockchain Whispers The Most Trusted Channel In Cryp

Let's say today I say I see ByteCoin (shit coin and I don't see it!) at 4x soon... within a couple of days you see channels, signal givers, all shilling Bytecoin. Just imagine I get drunk... and we identify twenty other news sources claiming stuff to be their own material and talking whatever they have heard from me.

A follower messaged me and asked me am I not pissed about being relayed by so many outlets.


I'm blessed!

Our reach goes beyond this channel. Beyond our site, beyond our Premium group, Lions,.. our chat...

We are just the starting point, ground zero of crypto news spre
Whenever I announce a coin, unless it is top 10 (never heard yet from Mr. Satoshi :), more often than not I get contacted by the coin owners at least thanking me, and in most cases updating me on the future progress and even they, for NO monetary benefit whatsoever, they trust me so much to share insiders and say: "share this" or "dont' share this, it's just for you"... so I know what's happening with the coin, and they know, I always respect wishes.

And you made it happen!

Your trust in me.

And it is the most sacred for me and I wouldn't ever violate it intentionally. If I do it by a mistake, well it can happen, but my loyalty is firm with Blockchain Whispers and you, my valuable follower.

I am writing this post to tell you my mission, my promise and determination to stay here with you to fight through dips and spanking Natashas on pumps... celebrating and crying, and doing the best that I can for such large community.

This is not my invitation to join Premium channel. You do that if you can afford it and if it's the right time for you, this is me thanking you for making this all possible.

Close people were telling me I was a fool when I was:
refusing to sell on you
refusing to be pumping and dumping
reinvesting all in the team
giving you what others didn't

Actually the idea was to start this channel with 12 people, partners... but my secret isn't a secret... I give.

I give for the privilege that we as a community (I'll share my dream with you now)... that we have a leader that doesn't wear suit and tie, that can talk about partying and yet be more credible than any Wall Street expert, senator, or banker...

That I can tell you — heey I'm drunk but still I think you should buy DBC and that you should... by the way I think dbc is going to do good on the short term (next couple of days) and long term (50 days max) from now.

And that people buy.

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