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  • 133
7m ago
USA resident and USA ip address. Tried Russian ip and it worked for 5 days and with A.N.Others signals day traded and made 0.90 btc!!! Like cool baby, then computer semi crashed and upon opening back up...............the death threat from Bitmex: "hay you in nation we do not allow to trade, if we catch you we can keep your cash and coins.........................what would you like to do?" I closed the account and other sites with leverage the same thing. Not for USA residents, so I do not trade with leverage and I am not up millions in a down market. Have a kick ass friday and weekend D Man and give Natasha my love. HW
D Man
  • 74
7m ago
you shouldn't play with BitMEX as US resident... simply because they can keep your bigger winnings and not pay you out. Soon some new solutions might arise that are US friendly, but with so many regulations, many many offshore financial services don't want to service US residents. A needless risk. BitMEX already according to my intel received threats/warnings from the US. Yes they are shitmex, but I still prefer people to regulate it with simple competition, and moving to a new player once one becomes better... than with rules. Now more and more governments know that Bitmex is the largest cold storage wallet in the world. They will raid it, and find some excuse for taking that funds. Which government first, I don't know.
  • 133
7m ago
Thanks D. and don't forget, use your hands on the keyboard more often than on Natasha's hind end!!!! LOL.......all the way to the bank. Love your straight forward approach as always with all your clients. Some just expect too much of you and after the raking we; as well as you amigo, took in 2017 the road is looking better for all of us. Even the miner in the Appalachian hills of eastern USA.
D Man
  • 74
7m ago
hahaha, thank you for that my friend!
  • 206
7m ago
Amen to that!
  • 71
7m ago
Love you my brother D!
  • 79
7m ago
Hey guys, I live in Denver, CO, USA and I use Deribit for leverage trading without any issues, nor do I use a VPN. Deribit has proper volume, you can open and close positions without any delay what-so-ever, and the customer service is top notch. I stopped using Bitmex back in Oct 2018 after they paused the system 3 separate times just long enough for price action to move past my closing price causing my profitable trade to become a loss. As if they don't make enough money at Shitmex already they have to engage in shady stop hunting and platform pauses to steal from their own customers... They'll def get the karma they deserve sooner than later. But, I digress... Love the things you've done (and continue to do) here D Man... Thank you for everything my friend...