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Bitmex Sicario Cartel Does It Again! Fifth Victory In A Row, Over 118% profit

The call is still active, trade after trade, Sicario shows us a great sign that it has an edge.

This Bitmex Trade is still on.

HellFire had the same call just a bit more complex, the first part of Mr. Hellfire's call already played out perfectly.

Since Bitmex Sicario gave me the call first, I count it as theirs.  Also, I have to check with Mr. Hellfire if it is ok to be sharing his stuff and when (respect breeds respect).

Sicario got us in the trade at 6400-6180, premiums entered at 6210.


Good days ahead.  Remember, portfolio management is important, setting stop losses and trading with an edge.  Our position calculator can help you calculate the right portfolio size to enter the trade, go through the checklist to not miss the right setup and we go from there.


Once you are ready to become our Premium member, contact @xantisofia on Telegram.

We will soon move Premiums to the new interface and share a 20x call (the alt with high chance of doing 20x), the only call this year with such possibility besides pundi that we have... is this one.

A hold is up to 8 months, however, the strength of this alt should make you confident in holding it. Contact Xanti if interested.


P.S. I was about to post this, searching for images of hot strippers, questioning myself should I post this or would it insult the sensitive of you... and then I read in our free chat room (here in menu select chat - free chat) a message from a member: "i really appreciate the updates! im in profit for the first time on a bitmex trade!" 


This makes me glad to be doing what I'm doing because at Bitmex, the small trader is in heavy disadvantage... now together, we kick their asses!

Thank you for following.

Thank you Bitmex Sicario for being fucking amazing!

Thank you Mr. Hellfire for giving confidence in this trade.


Blockchain Whispers


(next time you get images of strippers, it's healthy for us traders!)