Bitmex Is A Scam! Imagine playing a roulette but instead of 37 numbers there are +35 numbers that...

Bitmex Is A Scam!

Imagine playing a roulette but instead of 37 numbers there are +35 numbers that you can't play but if it hits you can lose.

Those are your exact odds when doing 100x on bitmex... risking 196% more than needed. Almost 2:1 against you as if 100:1 wasn't bad enough - due to their margin requirements.

Second, they do trade. Against you.

Your odds are not bad enough at almost 200:1, they have a bot trading against you, but that bot is not like any other bot — this bot knows your trades, your win percentage, how good you are, how much you're winning, when are you planning to sell... and... when is your liquidation point.

Ever wondered why you got liquidated and things were going so well?


Once You Enter The Trade, The Odds Chang

They see your trade. And what happens when you put 1 btc in and you get liquidated, who gets that money?

You bet it - Bitmex.

But their greed doesn't end there - because their system is profitable by itself, their margin requirement finances their business big fold, they have to trade against you and...
ban you every now and then when you start winning much.

I was curious about this and luckily I have a large community and access to people so I did a small poll, how much did they make the most at 100x that they managed to close. Or any leverage but ROI based for the matter of fact. I was interested in trades that impact bitmex - over a million or ten million contracts.


The results were super low — I'd expect guys making 200btc wins on 5btc investment... at least ONCE!

Because hundreds of guys I polled x hundreds of trades they did... what about once?


I know I am incredibly pissing off some whales who live off liquidating, you. I got messages last time I warned you about Bitme me along the lines: "But why D are you warning them, it's free money for us".

There is plenty of softwares running against you, liquidating you, getting free money.

Don't be a fool. If the platform would be clear, Bitmex would be cool. This time, not fun at all.

Do yourself a favor, if you see after a couple of trades, that you get liquidated after liquidated... just for a bit - then do the math and conclude this is not in you ALMOST being there, but in the rigged system.

You do what you want. I'm using bitmex because I know their weaknesses, where they can only do fair play, like now - I know ether is growing fast, and ether is too big to be fucked by them, so if I do like 4x leverage, they don't have enough to liquidate it. And I do it very small. One fraction of one investment only.

Other than that - fuck Bitmex, let's trade.

To put you back in game if you lost to them, I'll prepare a free trade soon for you. Tomorrow probably.

Until then, keep smart!

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