The Hypothetical Case In Which You WIll Get (Very) Rich

You are unique.
Yes, you.

And for some reason, the life brought you here where you are now - alive in this amazing time in civilization. You don't need to be an expert to figure 

Things Do Happen For A Reason!

Before, I go on how this concerns your rich life, happy and living what you're destined to be... let me ask you:

- How do you feel after the gym?

If you're like me, you feel awesome, rewarded on multiple fronts: because you weren't lazy, but you did it, you feel nicely because you have more energy, feeling more alive... proud of yourself.

Now let me ask you

- How do you feel during the pushing in the gym?

If you're like me, those moments are hard... at that time, it's when sweat and pain comes in.

Well what the fuck you think is here with you, me and crypto?

You were brought here for a reason. You got to know me at times that were challenging, and tested your patience, faith and everything else. Doesn't matter what religion you are... but even the ancient Christian Bible says that Jesus Christ when was on the cross at one point asked God if he abandoned him... due to the pain he was feeling.

The same thing with crypto - it first tests your faith and your strength.

Do you know why you weren't given the bull times right away?

Because you are the chosen one, for whom the energy has determined can endure this test.
Pussies can't. But you know what happens with pussies - with accidental lottery winners?

The other day I was working behind the scenes, really focused on the Amazing things we are bringing to Blockchain Whispers (you'll be thrilled I believe!)... and then a friend told me:

"you remember that idiot?" - pointing out to a career criminal and hustler.

I said yes, thinking he will tell me about another failure of his... and then, he told me: "well, they did it - they pulled of some scam and each of them took a million bucks".

At first I felt... I am here working intelligently, building something for a long period of time, helping people succeed.. and that guy, idiot, incapable, scammy... just made a million bucks for something that, based on my opinion of him - can be only some idiotic stunt.

Then my friend told me what he did with a million: "he bought Porche Panamera, he bought BMW X6, he bought his kids a car, he repaid his debts for which they almost killed him, and now he is bored doesn't know what to do".

It immediately reminded me of the lottery winners...

they do the same - buy cars, consumables, and let me Google it... yes, 70% of the all lottery winners file for bankruptcy.

But not you...

Not the people that have worked for their money.

Imagine... the bull times comes now - which by the way, compared to the lottery, has HUGE odds of happening.

You already know what crypto is, what tricks it pulls

You already know how to trade, what exchanges to use...

You already know about Blockchain Whispers and have tested my character, loyalty and dedication in the shittiest times, so you know you can count on me, that you now have a true edge-giving partner by your side.


This, my friend... is everything.

Because new folks who will enter now in bull times, they will "pamp it" "wen moon" "wat lambo" -- making big bucks and then "BAM" on the eventual correction which must happen.

And do you know what the worst thing is?

For them... the luck is not on their side - because if it happens, this will be the last bull run in crypto ever.

After that, there is no more room for 100x growths and stuff. They will miss it because by the time they figure: how to buy bitcoin, which exchange to use, what buttons to push, basics of trading... the btc will be 25% of its growth already... then by the time they find out about Blockchain Whispers, btc will be 50% of its growth... by the time they decide hey this guy seems legit, the crypto and you will make already 75% of the growth... and yes, some will be smart enough, join and I'll save their asses again when the peak comes, so they know not to get rekt...

and you... you have an edge even here - because you will know to trust me more - because you do know what happened first time I told people at around 16k to get out of crypto... nobody believed me. The third time it took when everyone was listening, it was already way lower.

So don't beat yourself why you were in crypto this year... instead, tap yourself on the back because you almost survived it... just a bit more, and the odds are great - many will give up and then the real, true bounce will happen.

And then, we will see green dildos flying again, Natashas opening bitcoin wallets... and your dreams coming true.

Because this is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to win.

When it starts... you better have Bitcoin ready. You better have Blockchain Whispers account ready. You better be Blockchain Whispers premium member.

Because we will grow together, do it one step at a time.

Not sure if you know the story, but I stopped charging my premium members for renewals before the summer... financing it all by myself how I manage - all the traders, all the development (and you're about to see some soon),.. because for me my honor and this bond I have with you is titanium-strong.

We used to bully together token makers to give us first news... we used to draw charts together and we tested so many traders, that we put X next to all those who stink... now we have a shortlist of Blockchain Whispers traders that will lead us in the bull run: one hardworking TA that's very good in bull times for finding opportunities, not as good in bear times... two top traders who take turns in these bear times, but still managing to float above the water with Bitmex marketmakers, manipulation, and volume leaving crypto...

I tested them all: twitter celebs, whales, leaderboard traders, tradingview traders,...

Just trust me when I say, my shortlist for Blockchain Whispers traders, after all are tested is smaller than the tip of the iceberg of all traders tested. Very few know what they are doing.

And why I keep this hardworking trader that wasn't so accurate in bear times?

Because that trader will in bull times find us 5 opportunities while my top traders will find one or two... because my aim is that we not only grow accurate, but faster and better than anyone else.

By the time the others are awake... I already have lined up:

Mr. Y on fundamentals analysis for which he is badass.

Sicario Cartel and The Circle for bitcoin analysis

This hardworking trader for fast alts setups in bull times.

+ My secret weapon, that has nuclear power in crypto, that you are about to see very soon.


You see, my only aim is Blockchain Whispers = accuracy. 
And I focus everything to achieve that. It tested me as well as it tested you this year, but I am every day grateful because how else would I know who are bad traders? How else would I know who can get us rekt... how else would I be ready to avoid mistakes and go for the spectacular epic win in the last bullrun that will ever happen in crypto.

It will be stronger than anything so far.
It will be more hyped than anything...

but it might as well be shorter than ever.

I don't know about the length... depends on one factor: how prepared the banks and institutions that are about to enter crypto are?

If their plan is smooth - they can lift bitcoin to 100k in no time... just buying everything you sell.

Because they know - bitcoin is deflatory asset.

Bitcoin can't be 'printed'. And no - it can't be mined forever. It has a hard cap.

If the bull run happens fast, it will pump like crazy and only prepared will be able to benefit.

If we see a ranging 2019 - then most will overlook crypto that just "capitulated" -- and not make big gains in predictable range prior to bull times.

Trust me, when institutions are entering with thousand years history and experience in banking, manipulating the masses and taking away both willingly and unwillingly their assets... they don't want to be giving more free money than needed. They will do it only so much as it's needed to allow them to fill their pockets with the new asset they will attempt to control.

Lucky for us, they are multi-trillion wallets.. and that in itself already takes bitcoin 10x, 30x, 100x from the current price.

There is some bamboo tree that you water for 5 years and it remains under the ground, and then once it breaks out on the surface it grows in 6 weeks 80 feet.

Tell me, does it take 6 weeks for that bamboo tree to grow or 5 years?

You started growing your bamboo tree this year... it might soon break on the surface, and when it does... you will know that you will be faster and above all competition that will start watering their bamboos then.

You are the elite.

You are the chosen one.

You are Blockchain Whispers baby!


Your brother on the journey to 80feet+ bamboos,

to 10x, 30x, 100x Bitcoin from here,


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2 years ago ago
nice one, thanks for this "light in the tunnel" 
2 years ago ago
Love your energy D
2 years ago ago
Awesome article! Thanks a lot for sharing it with us. Cheers.
2 years ago ago
Being in Crypto with Dman makes you so secure like a kid is with his father, you pamper, you do harsh traning, you do everything what a father will do with their kids, he will not keep pampring and feeding but teach you how to do fishing so that you becomes strong and ready to face crypto world.
proud to be BW elite baby
2 years ago ago
A huge whiff of 100% oxygen. Nice one !
2 years ago ago
nice one Dman :)
2 years ago ago
Always an inspiration DMan, you’ve literally kept me sane for the last year!
2 years ago ago
Thank you for turning on all the lights in this dark tunnel as always, your "D-MAN"
Merry Christmas to the Blockchain Whispers and to the members of this wonderful community, where ever you in this world. GOD Bless to each and everyone of you,
2 years ago ago
Thank you for turning on all the lights in this dark tunnel as always, your "D-MAN"
Merry Christmas to the Blockchain Whispers and to the members of this wonderful community, where ever you in this world. GOD Bless to each and everyone of you,
D Man
2 years ago ago
Thank you my friend. Merry Christmas to you too and your loved ones!