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Bitcoin in Danger: Mining Fell 15%!

two hours ago the mining was adjusted to new difficulty: -15%!

It means miners are quitting, less mining out there.

So if this started, it is only natural so it finishes... 

... the logical destination is capitulation. When the mass, the crowd, most, start believing there is no more hope for bitcoin, forgets it, etc.

Then I wish you remember to remember it and buy some cheap and forget about it while remembering bitcoin highs and how they will be one day reached and exceeded.

Until then... just remember to forget it.




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2m ago
As always, DYODD - a crypto influencer who knows a 'guy' who has been 4/4 in recent market moves gave him a heads up.   His analytics are showing good potential for a 50% drop in the market  this week.   I have positioned bids. 
Don't take this as trading advise.   

Thanks for all you do, Dman.    Remember to smile.    
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2m ago
Ouch!   It seems that fewer miners should mean higher prices - but less difficulty means lower prices.   A conundrum.   I hope the remote viewers are right.  hehe
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2m ago

That's pretty bad man. And the skinny stippers still need clothes /here is winter/

I guess I should tell them to go and find a new job for a while. No moon soon.