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Bitcoin dipping with taken Hashrate, XLM and Ripple broke off of Bitcoin

This is a historic moment, as Bitcoin was always the king, followed by every alt in the game.

Now for the first time, Ripple and XLM are behaving completely separately from BTC.

There is no confirmed reversal yet, or anything... and this dip can go further down or reverse from now - a no trade zone.

This is very tough moment for Bitcoin holders, bull-dreamers, us ordinary guys planning to be making nice bucks from crypto.

This thing extends and the only thing on the horizon is Bakkt.

That is the negative news.

The positive is: in order for a PROPER bullrun to begin, a strong, badass, bullrun... this had to happen.

These red dildos are discouraging even the strongest believers, however, what we speculate about is only a small timeframe in 10 year btc cycle.

Bitcoin had these cycles, bitcoin got up after every single one of them stronger and bigger.

Positive things: 1) Bakkt on 12th Dec 2) End of year and grand tax evasion scheme by purchasing bitcoins

Negative things... none except the hash reduced from bitcoin (already ongoing and paying the price for it) and institutions willing to enter bakkt at best price possible (although they are happy with 6k also).

In an event of a bull momentum starting, it will go up, and break 5800, close above, break 6400 and close above... that will be a confirmation.


Your fellow believer




  • 17
4m ago
With all these big institutions and big fat wallets ..I don't think I love get hold of even a single Satoshi..
My portfolio is not more than 200$
I holding a leverage position before I joined D man.
Till yesterday it was in loss nut could not afford to get liquidated qs it looks wipe me off the books entirely.
Today it was force liquidated and all my little earnings of 130+$ got liquidated ..
  • 19
4m ago
Hodling and accumulating.   Maybe holding my breath a little too.  LOL
Very happy with my little XLM stash.  

Thanks for making me feel a little better, Dman.