Bitcoin Can Go Up Soon! Having a big channel means you write for: Top pros who follow you total...

Bitcoin Can Go Up Soon!

Having a big channel means you write for:
Top pros who follow you
total newbies who follow you

And you have to make things clear.

I got so many messages that I deleted my flash-crash POSSIBILITY because people want from you, the newbie mass want to know where it will be and not the odds. And odds with portfolio management make you rich. Where - makes you five time win and once lose it all.

So, let me tell it in words you understand:

Bitcoin now is BULLISH and heading to 12121
Bitcoin now has a possibility if it breaks 5400 to cause big massive chain reaction of liquidations leading us to 4.49k, 4k or even 3.3k

That chain reaction probably will NOT happen, but possibly will... I am giving it to you as odds play.

Now you are informed.

And one more thing, to say perfectly clear, holding in USDT is WRONG.
You must have BTC as when the bull run starts acting, that is when it will be late to buy btc. You don't want to be at the wrong end of stick... and bitcoin goes up, now or later, you don't want to be manipulated away from it with their scare tactics.

This is Blockchain Whispers and I am your most trusted friend in crypto,

I gain nothing except even more trust from you by telling you, Bitcoin will go up and fiat holders will be crying why they didn't enter when it was down and when it was blood on the streets.

P.P.S. A Play we are doing in Premium is as following: we have btc and we have some flash crash orders for our top alts, in event of them dipping hard, we enter and earn more btc, but we never go into usdt, not at these levels. You should consider the same.

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