Big, Badass, Development in play

This development should be released very soon maybe in a day or two.

BCW will look the same, just it will connect the entire community sitewide.

You will love it.

I already love it. Just tweaking to make it perfect for you.

Also we made some really good altcoin signals lately (100% accuracy from your favorite crypto signals service) - if Premiums agree - I'll share with you this report I gave them for the coin that's in good buy zone now and that could double while keeping very low risk for us.

That coin will also be added to Coinbase.

However, the NEXT coinbase addition I told you to read about.

Whenever we release the price-report, some of you already noticed, it is super-well researched:

Litecoin - followed EXACTLY the price pattern we predicted.
Maker - see how accurate this chart was:

Electroneum we reviewed and we said it's flaws (not real mining at all) etc and didn't recommend it at all. However it is very popular coin so we did this report to bust some myths about it.

Now, in preparation for you is a badass, THE NEXT COINBASE ADDITION... should be ready within 72 hrs really, and will be a gift to the entire community!

In the meantime, I couldn't not to reward at least my most loyal, and hide here at the bottom, the Premium report about the coin that will not only be some time later this year added to Coinbase, but also fundamental big fundamental findings that will make it more valuable than the public perception at the moment. Go here: Zilliqa Price and download the pdf. This is my gift to the most loyal ones who couldn't join premium yet or at the moment, but read my messages in full, loyally. Brother loves you.


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  • 63
5m ago
Thanks D-man. Set the buy order already. If this goes 2x or 3x then i will enought to join premium!
D Man
  • 4053
5m ago
nice. And those who don't read, who don't follow... let them keep on talking how premium is expensive and how poor they are :) I reward loyalty, not laziness. Respect brother.
  • 129
5m ago
thanks D, I will divert profits to my "once I will be premium member" fund
  • 190
5m ago
Great report on Zilliqa. Very helpful and educational. In the crypto world blind people can't run as the Indian people say. Education is essential to succeed. Thanks
  • 211
5m ago
Thx D, great report once again big thumps up to you and the team
  • 33
5m ago
I have set a side an investment for Zil. If it goes the right way, I’ll take the profit to join the Premium, waiting for so long... Thanks Mr. D the man!
  • 353
5m ago
Thank you so much D Man, this helps me a lot!
  • 73
5m ago
I’ve been holding my ZIL since first report. No doubt you r diligent. Gratitude!
  • 64
5m ago
This is awesome ! I hope this takes me 1 step closer to premium ! Working my ass off here and its starting to pay off !
  • 99
5m ago
thanx a million BCW