Banks Vs The People -- Crypto Visa Card -- And The Jealous Neighbour Ask yourself, if you invested...

Banks Vs The People -- Crypto Visa Card -- And The Jealous Neighbour Ask yourself, if you invested...

Banks Vs The People -- Crypto Visa Card -- And The Jealous Neighbour
Ask yourself, if you invested a bunch of money to produce Floppy disks (some of you young folks don't even remember this storage that could hold like 1.44 mb of data if I remember correctly)
and now CDs, DVDs, USB drives came to the market, what would you do with the Floppy Disks in your warehouse?

The floppy outdated disk here is banks and their old way of transacting stuff.

You see - fuck they will hate me for this - however - banks are no longer needed in a way they were before.
It can all be computerized, digitalized.

I mean - explain to me - why even today a SWIFT international wire transfer has to take 1-3 business DAYS,
and has to cost $50-$150 to do?

There is NO NEED the same way there is no need for the Floppy Disks... yet banks have them and they push them. And you, the people are the sucker letting them to.

Bitcoin card

Immediately as soon as crypto was released someone came with a brilliant and logical idea: why not make crypto withdrawable for fiat, why not make crypto working for purchases and fund your visa or amex or master card with it.

... but you see, a brother of George who invested a bunch of money in Floppy Disks, owns a chain of computer stores - and he won't let CDs in there until his brother sells his shit first.

The same way, what happened with any program that tried to allow cards to be funded with crypto?

Shut down after shut down... as they have excuse for the Bank's brother - the government - they can always focus on 0.01% of the population or even less — and push anti-money-laundering bullshit act so you can't live your lives...

and what are they doing?

They are not laundering, they are fucking printing money!

Please, open your eyes. Please.

Anti-money-laundering acts are just to give the power to the government to control you.
they make a rule they can implant chips in you " for your own safety" as vaccines have already been mandatory - so injecting you with it. If they make a rule to fuck your wife to ensure your safety they do that as well — how long you are going to tolerate it and say it's for your own protection?

What protection?

I don't feel insecure if some guy doesn't pay taxes... and you can catch him the other ways... for example if he buys a house and he works like a bartender you know something is off — you don't need to monitor my, your, your brothers accounts as an excuse that one out of thousand and fifty will be wrong and you'll protect me from him. You're in fact protecting your Floppy disk brother.

So this is what's going to happen, George was slow, so were big banks, first they all said crypto was a scam — don't trust me - go fucking read the papers from a year or three back.

When they realized they were late they started shutting down cards that were funding crypto (true, they existed and when they realized it bugs them, they started shutting them down).

Now the banks are entering crypto (and I'm so happy as no matter how much they manipulate the market they will still pay thousands of dollars for something that costed a dollar).

And only when they are ready the card programs will appear and STAY.

Open your eyes. If it is government's it doesn't make it right. It just makes it legal.

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