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Bakkt Delayed. We Fucked

They - the 100mill+ investment delayed launch for a reason.

We expect red candles to continue.

Sorry guys, I don't have bullish news for bitcoin and crypto this year.

Good luck to all of us!



Blockchain Whispers!



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4m ago
Can you post a article regarding the market scenario what's your views now and what are you expecting..? 
  • 19
4m ago
Would the reason be to give big money more time to drive down the price to get in cheap?
If so, ba humbug to them.    
  • 108
4m ago
But we shall prevail, and crypto :)
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4m ago

Sounds like a good news for Jack Daniel's and co :D

I still remember the shock from the shitcoin Verge back in the 2017 waiting for moon and lambos on New Year's Eve while Wraith Protocol delayed.

And look at the banks pumping up XRP making it enough stable so they could buy BTC for cheap when it's time.

I just hope SRN to be back stronger soon when they got Ad with Messi + some new Asian investors.


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4m ago
chill bro