B3Y Is The Best Publicly-Proven Crypto Trader! 1354.34% Profit

We got it!

From the idea, sleepless nights of development... we finally bring to the conclusion our first...

Crypto Signals World Championship aka D.A.R.T Challenge!

Trader B3y

is the winner with 124 wins and 92 losses - focusing on big wins and small losses... brought us with his intense trading to the top of Leaderboard.

The prize is sent here for transparency: https://www.blockchain.com/btc/tx/5500caedc7971fc1e0874cb8f370b653c51d85853a7be573e3bd5b00dbde32c7 

B3Y: "Thanks brother. It was a great exp, great platform you have built."

Best accuracy has trader EOZ 51:11 and

the greatest accuracy overall (in terms of RR, the only accuracy that matters) is  MyLaw 28 wins 8 losses

The most impressive thing to me is that every trader that passed my strict qualifications rules managed to end in GREEN (this wasn't expected!):

It says the competition was feirce, and that challenge was a success!

I wish to congratulate the winners.

I wish to congratulate the followers.

I wish to congratulate the participants.

Because you all are winners - all in green, all learned something... respect.

I decided to give 3 unanounced prizes to top 3 hall of fame members:


Member eks with over 1001% profit gets the second place and 1 YEAR in premium!
Member csbw gets 1 month in premium.

Member My Law for accuracy win gets 3 months in premium and since Blockchain Whispers is always about accuracy, he joins the ranks of BCW traders. And so does EOZ (two most accurate from the competition)

Blockchain Whispers is not known for quantity but quality... as we don't want want to fuck our members with 30 signals a day and 30 updates... instead for our proprietary: "jerkoff-and-trade" principle :) You trade without stress, and enjoy the process.

Congratulations friends!

D Man and Blockchain Whispers team

P.S. You'll get your pants wet when you find out what D.A.R.T. 2.0 brings in. For now, please stay tuned, keep following and smile - because you are the one that makes this all happen! 

Also I invite you, especially now in May, to get into our premium positions as there are good odds that May will give alts some break and make green dildos pumping raking in profit. Just in your premium area go check all open signals and if entry is better than given, enter... if not, ignore and wait for new signals. This will be badass!

And if you have fallen from tree and have no idea what the fuck I talk about - which competition etc -- go here: https://blockchainwhispers.com/cryptosignals/

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1 year ago ago
Congrats to b3y and all other winners
Fools Gold
1 year ago ago
Congrats b3y and everyone who took part
1 year ago ago
1 year ago ago
bravo B3Y, bravo D man and BCW family... and... "SHOW MUST GO ON"
1 year ago ago
Congratulations B3Y Well done. Impressive. Also congratulations to EKS, 1000%+ is no mean feat. Enjoy your 1 Year subscription. CSWB, Congrats on winning a month subscription. Congratulations to MYLAW & EOZ on becoming BCW traders. You guys deserved it for your acuracy. And also Thank you to All the wonderful traders (for your hard work) who are making BCW a platform for getting the best Signals.
1 year ago ago
well said Dear, Congrats to everyone who end up with green.
1 year ago ago
congrats guys, respect
1 year ago ago
That's some very inspring stuff. Thank you B3y, eks, EOZ, Mylaw, D Man and the BCW community!
1 year ago ago
Great job everyone BCW for life.
1 year ago ago
Congrats to B2Y. This is impressive!
1 year ago ago
Thank you D-Man. I'll make the best of the premium subscription and if this is as good as I always though it was, I'll probably stick around for life. Peace
1 year ago ago
Gongratz to all participants! ...and this post made me smile! Thanks to the whole BCW team :))
1 year ago ago
It's also genius from d-man to kick the countertraders on Bitmex with this event. How could they countertrade every signal... and which trader's signal? You let them sink in the swamp, giving up and now they can't stop BCW.
1 year ago ago
Great stuff! Congratulations!
1 year ago ago
Congrats to everyone who won and to everyone who followed and took action on the valuable information!
1 year ago ago
What a great event! Congratulations to the winners, and all who qualified. It was fun to watch.
1 year ago ago
Congrats to the winners! It was great fun and helpful signals too.
1 year ago ago
Congrats to all winners! More natashas more life!