Awarding two users!

It's not time for ear voting and contribution awards... but I have to do something for my very active users. For this time I choose two. One free user (wealthbundance) who is trying, working, wrote wiki articles, is present in comments and chat - obviously wants to make something out of life and in crypto and needs a boost. Brother, I'm giving you 10 days in premium for free. More to read wisdom posts and long term stuff than for some signals, but there will be both. Congratulations.

And the second user is McLovin, he is our premium member already, but so positive, always present - I had to do something.

Users like this build our community, Blockchain Whispers stronger. 

My appreciation guys!

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Fools Gold
  • 446
5m ago
Congrats guys/gals :)
  • 314
5m ago
Great stuff! keep up dudes/dudettes
  • 201
5m ago
Bravo !
  • 272
5m ago
  • 174
5m ago
Congrats to both! Well deserved :)
  • 104
5m ago
good job brothers in crypto!
  • 364
5m ago
Great! :) Congrats
  • 33
5m ago
Congrats. I wish I could be one of them one day... :)
  • 194
5m ago
@ wealthbundance have fun with premium its totally worth it
D Man
  • 4053
5m ago
I am proud of you all here because it is nice to see you happy for your fellow family members. This shows you are great men already ahead of the crowd. I'm impressed!
  • 371
5m ago
:) Congrats to both of them...good work
  • 437
5m ago
Wow, what a day... recieving an award from bcw family; humbled. Thank you Dman and BCW family! Lets keep making each member strong - as i would not have been here without Dman and BCW members help.
  • 486
5m ago
Congrats gang! Keep up the good work of making our community stronger!
  • 353
5m ago
Congrats guys. You deserve it!
  • 877
5m ago
OmG. This is amazing. Thank you so much for your gift. It's really valuable for me. Will try to make the most out of it so I could buy the next upgrade.
  • 129
5m ago
from what I have seen, it is well deserved for you
  • 83
5m ago
Good for you guys.
  • 530
5m ago
Congrats, dear friends
  • 186
5m ago
Nice, congratulations!