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Ask What You Can Do For Your Neighbour, Not What Your Neighbour Can Do To You :)

Brother, fellow crypto supporter,

In our effort, my, my team's, heck, around Blockchain Whispers there are so many amazing people, volounteers which are not working for me, they are volounteering because they see me busting my ass working like a dog to make something amazing for crypto, and see us the people, and not the fatcat banks succeed.

My admins, heck even for a long time, whenever I meet a top trader, that's out of my budget, and he knows it's for Blockchain Whispers, he wants nothing, he just has a privilege to jump on board or to participate in the making of what we are making here.

It means a lot to me.

Now, you have an opportunity to do something for your neighbour.

My team is in the process of making a series of videos about crypto, from elementary stuff to really advanced stuff... from what is blockchain to how to trade blocks, charting, and scalping.

These first two videos are for your neighbour, as you probably know these basics, however, I do advise you to watch it, because understanding the foundation is the basics of everything... 

Mike Tyson first learned how to punch, in order to learn combinations, movements and all. 

This is your How To Punch VIDEO:  << 7 Things You Must Know Before Entering The World Of Cryptocurrencies

Share this with your neighbour.  Watch it yourself, and follow, because with each subsequent video, comes more advanced topic that adds on to the previous.


And share this one:  << Basic trading knowlede

So now if you have someone asking you what is crypto, what is trading, show him this video... who knows, maybe he pays you a commission to help him out or trade, and it becomes a win win.

At the end of the day, even if he pays you nothing, more people in crypto means, higher the price, and higher benefit for you the early adopter.

Really, share these two videos on your social media, send to your friends, my plan is to cover everything you need to know from the beginner to being a profitable trader.