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As you know by now I don't care if you're rich or poor - if you're ungrateful fuck, just leave... I...

want only the best crew here... and yes, I share amazing things things most guys don't in paid channels I give in this free channel but yes, I put it in between my education, chatter, sometimes inside screenshots (for example above you could have found that XEM is doing good and still it is going to be listed on Binance - it's top level info)... etc etc.. or that SRN might be good to re-enter... but if you come negative, you miss all that - and I AM GLAD! You should miss all that because if someone is giving you something for free and it is 100% your call whether you stay or leave -well, you come and complain?? Come on, just unsubscribe and fuck off.. There is 12500 super happy people here and yet there is 300 not happy. Those 300 I am trying to get rid of. Apologies to the majority of 12500 for having to work with me on getting rid of assholes, but I feel like they don't deserve the info I'm giving you here. Peace.