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Any help or if you simply "don't trust the bot" as one member said - msg @cryptoalfred (he is...

available like 17 hrs a day - rest, don't panic, the guy has to sleep some too!). Even if something fucks up - we are here to help you out, so you're in good hands.

P.S. If you haven't heard the news - the gates will close today at 9pm GMT so you have about 12 more hours to register for premium. D man wants to focus on research and managing day-to-day memberships became a pain in the ass. I hope you will be at the right sides when the gates shut close today.

Now is the time to take action - to ask yourself - what am I in here to do? IF I am here to trade - do I want top traders to smash me and play me like a little doll, or I want to join the team that genuinely cares.. AND ROCK. CRYPTO. HARD!

With every coin comes uncertainity, however... some are safer than anothers. Consider this a D man coin - and you watched it grow and grow and grow... Unlike other channels you never saw a discount here - you saw only exclusions -- because I pick who I want as a member - to an extend that I can... and if you delayed until now, if you were uncertain, now it's time to take executive decision and ask yourself - where you have better odds of winning - alone or with us the top team (proven!), that cares about your success (proven!) that has the skills, resources and will to win (proven! proven! proven!). Contact @bwregisterbot now and see you on the inside