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Anti-Liquidation Tool Is Here, And...


Many users at the same time last time, and some wrecked the layout..
... now we coded it on our site, even better than back then.

I am giving you this as my gift, from Blockchain Whispers to the crypto community. This is probably the most valuable gift you ever got when it comes to Bitmex trading. By far!

Calculate Risk Before Entering The Position
See How Favorable Risk To Reward Is And When To Enter
Know Immediately Where To Put The Stop At
How To Size The Contract Based On Your Total Portfolio Size
... and pretty much everything you need to enter the trade... while... reducing the risk and increasing the odds!

Vouched by top bitmex trader...
hated by bitmex traders who never wanted us to release this (especially not to the wide public!), they said it's "too powerful".

I disagree.

Here you go:

Share it. Use it. Enjoy.

Here's To your success!

P.S. If you're sleeping (as it's a bit different timezone than my usual posts... ) — you will have a nice surprise to wake up to, cheers! Now you can more successfully trade Bitcoin up and down movements - both.