Another Fresh-Off-The-Press Gift From Blockchain Whispers The Anti Liquidation tool. Before I...

Another Fresh-Off-The-Press Gift From Blockchain Whispers

The Anti Liquidation tool.

Before I show you the tool, I must make sure you use it properly.

First, the Bitmex fees:
they are applied not to the cost but to the total leveraged position... so if you put 1 btc at 10x leverage you pay the costs for the 10 btc position!

Liquidation — charges fees for market close your position AND the insurance fund (which you'll have avoided here)

Second, the Bitmex secret:
for that reasons, you cannot allow yourself to operate under normal account and pay normal bitmex fees. You need to open the new account every six months with the discounted fees. The link for that you will find in the tool itself. The reason for this to be possible is bitmex referral marketing system that stimulates new users. These accounts have a whopping 10% discount on your trading fees... which... in 6 months add up, trust me! Rather you spend it on some party than donating it to Bitmex

You will find the link under "Resoures:" under first point.
You will find the bitmex beginner's guide under third point, written by our Cartel member
And you will find the link to my much-hailed, trick on how to boost your accuracy by 5% under point #2

The tool itself is a calculation, that lets you:
Calculate Risk Before Entering The Positi
See How Favorable Risk To Reward Is And When To Enter
Know Immediately Where To Put The Stop
How To Size The Contract Based On Your Total Portfolio Size
... and pretty much everything you need to enter the trade... while... reducing the risk and increasing the odds!

Stay tuned, because in exactly 15 minutes, the link gets here and you get to test drive it yourself.

I ask for nothing. If you find this channel is not valuable, feel free to skip it. I know most will blow their pants off how effective this tool is.

Now, if you like it, you do the deed - and help spread it among friends, so not only arrogant pros, but also that the people avoid having to pay such crazy Bitmex fees when shorting or longing.

Stay tuned,
Blockchain Whispers Baby!

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