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Announcing: Hellfire... The Godfather Of Bitmex

Announcing: Hellfire... The Godfather Of Bitmex

Today, is an unbelievable fortune, privilege and luck that I got (and with me all you the followers of Blockchain Whispers).

You already love Bitmex Sicario Cartel and their super-accuracy.

You tell me stories about waking in the night not to miss Sicario's calls.


Now, what if I told you, there is one person Sicario admires...

... one person that rules the very top of Bitmex Leaderboard!


Announcing: Mr. Hellfire!

When I got in touch with Mr. Hellfire, he said he likes my work and what I am trying to do.  He didn't want to accept ANY payment and said: "you cannot pay me".  And it is true, just see the nominal gains of Bitmex Leaderboard guys, and who knows if that's the only account he has.

He doesn't trade on Bitmex only, that's also for sure.

So sure, I couldn't pay him enough... yet!


He asked me what my dream is, and I answered immediately: "To have the most accurate signaling group on the planet.  That pro traders have a choice they either follow Blockchain Whispers or they lose".

Now we have Bitmex Sicario Cartel And Mr. Hellfire among with our traders, many friends,... I don't see anyone better than us to rule Bitmex and understand where the BTC is going.

The calls of Bitmex Leaderboard Mr. Hellfire you can follow at when they happen.

Very exciting times ahead for Blockchain Whispers baby!

Thank you for following,