And because of the focus on stupid guys - I didn't share with you some amazing guys that did for me...

-- what great people did for this group:

1) We translated it to almost 12 languages now - as a result of volounteer work!
2) I got invited to insiders by grateful people out of pure appreciation - they get nothing for letting me in on them
3) I was offered so many times a donation for what I did for them (I don't need it, but the offer sounds so appreciative)
4) I got offered all the coding, web, tech things for free
5) I have 15 amazing admin volounteers in the free discussions group that we have who love keeping the discussion grow...

... and that's just a part of it.

The biggest joy for me is to hear someone was able to buy his/hers partner something... afford something or even just get drunk and party out of profits (fuck it, but I like it!). That guy who bought his kids a better birthday gift, it's also amazing.

And please understand I am putting myself at disadvantage here with whales, because me working with everybody pisses them off, but still my accuracy is what attracts them. I have some of the real badass whales following the calls, and that's nice.

The whole point here, for those who just joined is - we are the crypto family, and we stick together and hey - we did the bestseller in a day together! That tells about us. And that bestseller is now giving 100% of royalties to the charity.

I think we can be proud of it all.

Before I conclude - one thing you must know though - there is no such thing as free money. When you invest, you risk. When you risk the chance is you won't get it back. So please, never ever invest what you can't afford to lose. IF you're under 0.5btc - I advise you EARN more, work harder, work extra. Because turning 100 to 10,000 is almost as hard as turning 10,000 to 1,000,000

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