Your Portfolio:

An Update on Funding Your Stripper calls that free group got: HSR reached 67% from the buy zone...

despite the btc volatility due to news,
rest fell into a dip and waits for btc to stabilize. The coins you have are among the fastest to recover and reach target once btc settles. Selling at the moment would be wrong play. Sometimes btc is more sometimes less volatile, 8500 BTC sell off is not something you can predict and thus this extra wait.

Only two good plays with remaining coins to make you nice profits are:
1) Average down - by buying one extra investment of each and reaching profits earlier or
2) just hold.

Depending on your budget and portfolio, both are fine.

I wanted to update you. This is natural, everything is in red so not just us, however even in red we analyse we stick together so that we moon as soon as the green light shows and the race starts. This is still within the timelimits expected, I don't think hold longer than a month will be neccessary.