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An Unlisted Win For Sicario!

For the first time I experienced something scary accurate

When I was getting that compliment in my bitcoin prognosis I thought it was just a symbolic word.

Now I experienced it for another trader.

Cartel B made a short scalp call, and Bitmex Sicario Cartel contacted me and said: "we didn't announce a trade, but really you shouldn't short here, it is going up".

I was like, are you sure.

They said yes and I canceled the call of Cartel B at my own risk of them being angry at me.

The Sicario Cartel told me 10 hours ago (and luckily, you have it in one of the posts I wrote 10 hrs ago!)... that within ten hours the bitcoin will make a move - and 9 hrs 45 minutes later, it did!

Now this is what I call scary accurate!

Their long call got just premiums like 3 minutes before the big green dildo.  I have to give premiums something special... so now they are happy: got sky (made 17% easy), got this btc, things going bullish...


Thank you for following,