An Important, Red-Hot, Crypto And Bitcoin Update By D Man I started off this channel by making 17...

An Important, Red-Hot, Crypto And Bitcoin Update By D Man
I started off this channel by making 17 accurate calls in a row.
Immediately after that followed the FIRST EVER announcement for the bitcoin dip... and the first bear movement began.
This channel became famous for me making 12 accurate Bitcoin moves.. more than any other channel, source out there.

The only mistake I made when calling 6000 btc and came 6500 or 6400.

Now, after a big pause I have an urgent (alright let's not do it urgent), but super important announcement for you the Blockchain Whisper follower and for the rest of community that is going to copy and relay my message (also thank you for that, proves I'm doing a good work here).

Since I announced the first bear dip, I think it's okay from me to announce the first bull spike.

Now, people forget things, so I am thinking whether to make this announcement and be badass to the few that will remember when I did it and how precisely I did it — or to wait and to announce when it happens. Because in between there will be both downs and ups.

Before we start, I have a bad ne
The bad news is that we might NOT see the new ATH soon. As you will read in this report we will be a bit short to it... however plenty for you and everything along side to recover.

So - this is my prediction... between 23rd june and 7th july, around that time (+- three days) we should enter a hyper bull run on Bitcoin.

I don't like mixed signals, so it is a BULL run, and it should reach 12,121 with ease.

Now the most critical thing will occur
12600 — if we are over it, we are starting a bull season... if we do NOT break it — 12,121 is your place to sell your coins as we are in for a dip.

Now it can be a hundred dollars or two plus or minus. It is to make you on the safe side. If I'd tell you the actual pricepoint, the massive following of this channel might turn this into a self fulfilling prophacy and rek that thing.

The chart odds are that we will not break 12600
the sentiment odds are we will. IT depends on us as the crypto community. We need just one, one, crazy mofo whale of half mt gox size to make it break... or the community, or a five or seven good news at that time... from agencies, or from the people about Bitcoin. Then that day will rek a lot of bears — I mean a lot... as we break it.

Are we going to, I do not know. I do know that at 12121 I will exit and not enter until either 12600+ or at the bottom of a dip.

Note guys this is shitload in advance I am giving this message.

The main reason for this is to keep you safe in these times. On the larger, mothly scale it's designed to still weed out the non believers... remember you wished for something in crypto and crypto grants.

First you wished for super riches in crypto - and 2017 crypto did.
Then you wished, imagine I entered at xxxx in bitcoin... well.. crypto is going to make it happen for you with this bear market.

Then you wished to get some sign of recovery... and bam, give it no longer than a month from now and crypto is going to make it happen for you.

Remember who told you first,
Blockchain Whispers Baby!


P.S. Read again, this prediction, has NOTHING to do what will be happening in crypto within the next two weeks. For that you can get almost daily updates in Premium, occassional bot updates, etc. The big analysis is made above, and again we are the first one to talk about it.

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