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Alright, just announced to the waiting list - tomorrow at 10AM EST sharp, we will open the doors of...

Premium for 10 minutes.

The orders will be prioritized by your slot in Premium. The bot does that automatically.

After that, I plan to close, and re-organize. Because so many people are waiting to get in (thank you for that!), I must make sure I can serve you properly, and not lose another 5 days of trading. If all is smooth, I want to open the doors for 24 hrs so that people in different timezones get a chance to join.

The priorities go as follows:
1) Yearly memberships, and early on the waiting list
2) waiting list
3) non-waiting list

make sure you register at @bwregisterbot
I don't plan to do many announcements as today is an interesting day in trading.

Note down this username also @cryptoalfred - it's our account manager - if you have questions, problems with the bot, just contact Alfred and he will take care of you.

Now is the great time to join as you know, because you'll be able to buy great coins cheap, and then talk to your grandchildren about it how you knew exactly what to buy. ;)