Alright, D man is back! First here's what to do — I need to make sure you understand what's...

happening now in crypto.

Then what you should do.

I gave Premiums a free week, to show them for me this is about us growing together rather than anything else.

I'll give you some update here too. But not ordinary where btc will go update, but something more important.

I think crypto moves now to institutions money, and they are entering it.

They are devaluating it to enter.

For you this is what it means, what is the best fucking strategy.

D Man's Rules On What To Do In Artificially Bearish Tim

1) Don't sell positions unless you have high confidence alternative trades where you will earn at least 30% more DURING THE FALL.

For most, this means, don't sell at all. Hold.

2) Do what institutions do - buy. Here's where Blockchain Whispers comes in handy - buying smart, knowing what to buy makes you badass. If your portfolio is small, go through the free channel ( ) and find the gems you like. If you're in premium, I'll prepare a list for you what to do today.

3) move your charts to higher timeframes. micro times are fucked by whales and make you stressed. Move it to daily or 12 hrs or 6 hrs and chill. The only way you can do a mistake is by selling low and buying high.

If you want to enter the market with fresh money, now is the perfect time. I think you won't have another chance like this this year.

The big problem with the upcoming regulation is actually for you, not for the banks, institutions, — they will put in their money in regulated stuff, and at the same time you won't be able to invest in it until they have multiplied their investmetns through private rounds, big rounds, vc money etc.

So think again what you're doing.

You're clapping your hands, yeah, crypto is going to get regulated.

It's like inventing electricity, giving the patent to another guy and coming to him asking if you can pay him for the electricity.

This is exactly what you're doing right now with your support of regulation.

Don't believe me?

Alright —

Let's say a small 'just' 5 million usd vc company wants to invest in crypto, and you want to invest $3000.

They let them buy as they are able to get SAFT, and shit, accredited investors and institutions... they get what - they get a coin for $1, and you can't invest, as your 'tiny' money is not accepted... you get to invest when it's $3... when your tiny $3000 would become not-so-tiny-for-you $9000, however they rather get 15 million out of 5 million and have you on the 'waiting list' as a sure sell for them when they want to exit their positions.

I'm embarassed with how many people welcomed regulations. No wonder politicians get you to clap your hands and they do what they want - you're so easily persuaded by bling bling and shiny objects.

TELL ME, when in history did MASS prosper wildly?

Again you're scape goat as always... and now in crypto you have the power to do something about it... and you're just giving your electricity patent to a big brother that will 'protect you'.

Com'on — it's a shame. It's not what satoshi tought when making bitcoin. The beauty of bitcoin is there are huge guys, with huge funds willing to buy just don't know where to buy it. How to buy a hundred million worth of bitcoin, etc etc. I get weekly pms from hugy guys looking to buy coins.

This is the power of crypto and Bitcoin, it's decentralized. But not for long.

So even though I enjoy great trust and following here, I don't think we will be able to change anything.. It will get regulated, institutions will come in at a discount and favorable terms for them, and you get fucked - again.

I say in 2017 we did pretty well without regulations. Yes, there were some scammy offers, so what — what's bigger scam - being fucked every once in a while when you don't do a proper homework and buy a coin made by some burger flipper out of nowhere, or always, abolutely, every time coming in late, because it is a LAW?!

YES, LAW. You are voting for it.

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