Ah Screw It! Who Will Announce First If Not Me - ALT Bull Run On The Horizon!

Ah Screw It! Who Will Announce First If Not Me - ALT Bull Run On The Horizon!

I saw in the chat guys analysing some coins and finding more and more good coins that are about to pump.

How so?

Well, it's not these coins, but that more or less most alts followed the same path versus bitcoin and versus the dollar.

Now alts have power only for one stronger or two or three (a stretch) mid-small dips before they have no choice but to pump.

They are already resillient, reaching last three month highs... the engines are turned on, and revving.  I will be really surprised if I don't see within next 30 days a start of full-blown alt run.


Of course, no one talks about it this directly. Twitter 'experts' don't want to take risk of concrete predictions. They wait, they give you multiple options only to see that it ends up being something in the middle of all that and different from what they predicted.

I can respect men who try and go wrong. But how can I respect guys who are so ball-less that they don't have the courage to fucking pick in their own analysis a dominant direction and tell you what it is.

Yes we all know it can go up and down. Yes, if this VERY promising alt move UP doesn't happen, it will go well down... but I tell you directly... listen: within 30 days. Listen: after 1 stronger dip (so the dip first) or two or three (a stretch, meaning probably not even three) mid-small dips (meaning basic corrections btc about 150$ down...the bull run should begin.

If you read to patiently, responsibly and carefully read my analysis, you'll boost your success with Blockchain Whispers.

So, to help you understand, what this means the Alt Run?

When it was bear run, even the best (pick any coin) alts dipped.

Now when the alt run begins, even the SHITTIEST alts will rise.

Just why we choose good ones - as they will rise more.

And thus the biggest mistake people do in crypto - they think their alt is good because it rises in bull times or bad because it falls in bear times. The only metric according to yours truly is comparable metric versus alts of similar marketcap.

Why similar marketcap?

Because within marketcap is also a risk limit to a degree. 10 million dollar mc coin is by far riskier than 1 billion dollars mc coin. But also it gains faster.

Suggested move (also something twitter, expert-wannabes lack):

start chasing good alt entries.

Bitcoin prediction will help you in this and that's why Sicario team made another FREE bitcoin signal here

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I want to thank you for following,


P.S. Please... don't read the headline and make nuts move... the alt run is not NOW, but you should fucking buy now so that you enjoy the full run. That's why you have this warning to start finding yourself good entries into your favorite alts and to read things carefully. Read less things, filter sources... but when read, make sure you understand. Cheers!

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2 years ago ago
Thanks mate!
2 years ago ago
thanks chief boss!
D Man
2 years ago ago
you're welcome my friends!
2 years ago ago
great call man! thanks
2 years ago ago
Nice one
2 years ago ago
You know how to give confidence when everyone is down! 
D Man
2 years ago ago
Thanks brother!
2 years ago ago
One of my alts is seeing nice gains already.   Another looks to be in a slow upward trend.
 Not setting any shorts right now.   I can feel it - alts wound up tighter than a spring.
2 years ago ago
Hi D Man, 

I love you work, But please could you advise few alt coins in which we should invest. Already, lost a lot of money.
D Man
2 years ago ago
thank you, I did, read through my articles and you'll find one quite bullish, quite safe alt to put money in.  It's within the last ten articles.  Cheers!
2 years ago ago
Dman, about the stronger deep you mention, may i ask you how strong do you think it will be?
Thanks in advance, sensei. hoping to make enough to join premium
2 years ago ago
Hi bsq, well right now it’s really 50/50 regarding btc going up from here or dipping first. Our bitmex leaderboard trader is calling a dip first as you can see on the Anti-Liquidation page under tools. Best is to prep buy orders a little lower than now for alts.
2 years ago ago
Thank you for the reply, Xanti