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This part of the report is the one when trader makes the call. The data has been collected, the judgement remains to be made. This part will inherently contain bias. Be sure to be independent in your trading decision-making.

Due to exceedingly bearish data collected, I have no other choice, but to accept the bearish scenario as the primary one.

No clear trade can be established at the time of writing. Trader needs to be patient and wait for the odds to be in their favour.

1D and 4H timeframe suggest that the bullish momentum of the past few days is running out of steam. 1W and 1M are pointing towards the tests of 50MA 1W ~ 6662 USD and 0.786 Fibonacci level 1M - 4320 USD respectively. If the author had to put % levels on the 1W scenario - break of 6800 and a new capitulation phase against the test of the logarithmic trendline and a possible uptrend to 8400-9040 USD level, the split would be 75/25 in favour of the bearish scenario and a test of 50MA 1W level before the test of 8200 1W closing price.