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After I announced I want to focus more time on research, I spent time studying and focusing more on...

my premium members, they did easy 30% on CAN coin, they got some awesome long term stuff, they got a couple btc updates and I realized I like crypto as a trader, as a researcher, and lately it took me 5-6 hrs a day to just respond to people, I realized one thing. Premium membership has reached it's cap.

You have 24 Hrs exactly to join, and then I am closing the doors of premium for one longer time period.

Who is in is in, leakers, will be kicked out, and we go do our biz like mad scientists in our research labs.

To join go to Signals page now.

If you have any problems with the bot - contact @cryptoalfred

You know - Blockchain Whispers Premium membership like a gem token is constantly going up in value. One of the methods to make it go up is demand and other is exclusivity. Price shows demand, and now - on this cap I decided to keep the exclusivity.

I thank you all who join, and I thank you all who can't afford it at this time, but are determined to grow and join us at the elite level in Premium channel.

Tomorrow at 9pm GMT the doors close and premium is no longer available for new members. Thank you.

For Crypto Profits,