Presenting: Blockchain Whispers 2.0

Phew... finally, it's done!

The whole 2018 I spent thinking, waking at night, wondering during the day how I can get you, my loyal Blockchain Whispers follower more profits, an edge versus the outsiders and sniper-accurate trades.

Thanks for sticking with me.

I asked you to believe me.

Now I deliver.

Proudly, with the help of my warrior teammates... in the storms of bear times... we molded, shaped and forged

The Crypto Trader's Edge-Infusing Homepage!

Now, I am sorry, but this cannot be a short post as I am presenting you all at once, and it is time-sensitive, so please bear with me and read it now.

Because if you put aside, you will lose the lowest hanging fruits reserved for my most loyal, first-to-act followers that stuck by me in the most challenging times, proving their stripes, their loyalty and their warrior-like character strength.

What Is Blockchain Whispers 2.0?

In my quest to get you WINNING, MONEY-ATTRACTING, PROFIT-PULLING trades, I realized:

1) You must get at Blockchain Whispers what you can't get anywhere else and

2) You must get at Blockchain Whispers everything you need.


By everything I mean: knowing what to trade, when to trade and how much to trade.

Things that are not included:

charting - I believe TradingView does a pretty good job, so no need to bring that in Blockchain Whispers colors. Plus for our signals, technical analysis is just one smaller part of the game; 

exchange - I have no interest in being an exchange. When it concerns money it becomes a pain in the ass... and exchanges and governments have yet to fight their fights... I like to spend my time playing with big boobs, having fun with strippers, while knowing I helped you make some green so you can party with me. 


Besides charting and the exchange itself, with Blockchain Whispers you get EVERYTHING you need to make winning, profitable, cash-rich trades for yourself.

The Key To Understanding

A quick story that will help you understand what we have here:

In January 2018. I started publicly sharing my trading signals. I had so many accurate signals that my early followers started to wonder can I even go wrong. All BTC dips, big moves, everything became a synonym for Blockchain Whispers accuracy.

Blockchain Whispers popularity rose so rapidly that I would spend 6 hours a day just answering all messages (even just short answers). I obviously wasn't prepared for this as most people would just tell: fuck off... and ignore.. I didn't - I kept on answering all chats and messages until... one day I got heart problems and decided to heal, fix it and stop that not-humanly-possible bullshit once for all.

I stopped answering chats daily. And I stopped trading for the group.

The irony is - trading for my personal account relaxes me... and as you've all seen I'm damn good at it... however, stressing over noob mistakes, and my personality trait for having to care for everyone... got me where I got - out of trading and in search for my replacement at Blockchain Whispers.

After I stopped, Blockchain Whispers experienced some setback with new traders as I'd discover new, good traders, come... and only to work for a brief while... they just couldn't adjust to the trade-affecting buy power Blockchain Whispers followers have.

Weeks, months went by and I never stopped solving the puzzle of mass accuracy, until one day I realized it.


It is not static. The day I realized Blockchain Whispers outgrew me, I didn't realize that it has to outgrow even my own internal trading team.

The idea for D.A.R.T. Was Born!

Presenting Blockchain Whispers D.A.R.T.

Dart Stands for:





D.A.R.T. is an exchange-level trade tracking engine that allows multiple traders to give signals in a human-followable way.

In other words, it allows top traders from all over the world to compete, to give you signals and to let you trade on the signals of the most accurate crypto trader at that point in time!

You will get to see their stats, decide who to follow, get real-time notifications... and our exchange-level engine will make sure that the trade is: 1) possible 2) gives you enough time to enter the trade and 3) is accounted properly.

So it becomes a copy-paste riches joy for you - studying Blockchain Whispers traders, deciding who to follow and follow my strategies and tips to maximize your gains.

What makes me think top traders will want to give their signals here?

This is the big one... and unless they make 144BTC per day in profit, every single day, they will NOT be able to rationally and intelligently miss this challenge.

And this is where you can help me: challenge your gurus!

What You Can Do: to make D.A.R.T. the most accurate platform on the planet for you - go and chase all top traders you know. It's time for them to put the money where their mouth is. 

If they refuse to take on the challenge, you know they are just loudmouth cowards and they don't walk the walk. The challenge is designed to give top traders a payout in an equivalent of 144btc per day + all the stripes and respect that comes with it. If they decline, you know why they declined... and time to cross them from your list of traders.

Our team spent months to make the system so simple that it takes to give you 20 trades and win the championship only 20 trades or a total of 10 minutes!

And for that, they get 1btc paid to their publicly-visible bitcoin address, which makes it impossible for them not to get paid and makes this into a trust-less challenge that determines who the most accurate crypto trader in the world is.

The D.A.R.T. is located here: 

Go and invite them, and if you are trader yourself, and think you are good, by all means come on and apply. If you are not a trader, then do something for yourself and your blockchain whispers family - now I have developed for you a magnet you can use to attract any trader you respect to act as your personal signal giver... using my bait, and my out of pocket money... because the first challenge is financed entirely out of my pocket.

It costs nothing to participate. There are no excuses.

When you have the right trading signal, there is another thing needed - to know the sentiment and when to act and when to skip a trade...

Presenting: Blockchain Whispers E.A.R. - Hot Crypto News, Ranked By The Community

Starting today, you can make your homepage. Because at one glance you will see: my updates + trades of top D.A.R.T. traders + are you ready... top news ranked by impact and sentiment in REAL TIME!

All important news outlets at - you get to hear CoinTelegraph, CCN, major influencers... all the news at one place.. and while this isn't revolutionary, our intelligent following that will rank the news based on price-impact is.

We have developed a back-checking engine that ranks the most accurate users/voters and pays them in rewards, respect and real-time action.

This is unique. And this makes you see only important news worthy of your time when you visit Blockchain Whispers homepage.

The more you vote, the more you are present on the market and you get to act on the news.

So when you come to your new homepage you will be able to quickly see the top news of the moment, ranked by your fellow members in important and not important, distilled and filtered for you... and also instantly see the community sentiment (sometimes you trade with it and sometimes against it - either way it is super useful for trader and until now almost impossible to accurately gauge).

How To Use Blockchain Whispers E.A.R.

Early Activity Radar (or E.A.R.) will give us time to buy before the mass... even the guys reading news sites will be late because our clean look will show you the important from unimportant quickly and get it to your attention without going through hoops. Blockchain Whispers E.A.R. replaces the need to go to any news site and waste time. Blockchain Whispers 2.0 is all you need.

What You Can Do: Vote. The more intelligently you vote the more you score on the leaderboard and every quarter unlock special awards and rewards. It's not in the quantity, although it matters too... but in being smart.

For example: "ETF denied" is to be selected: 

heart - because you are happy that you have found out about it

price impact negative - because it will most likely cause the price to drop


"Thailand says it might approve their crypto exchanges" the 

only vote you should click is 

price neutral - because that news is not going to affect price in any way as nobody gives a fuck about Thailand (crypto wise, although their chicks are not good looking either... and you have to watch for 'ladyboys' and what not)

You get the point?

You don't vote for the community, although you do... you vote for yourself, because when you catch the news, a big one you usually have 1-3 minutes to act upon it and profit. Sometimes even 15... and that's why Blockchain Whispers E.A.R. is real-time.

The more you use it, the more you benefit and can easily become a millionaire according to my 6% weekly strategy revealed here:

With this, you can profit... this and D.A.R.T., you can become rich... and to know how to avoid strong mistakes, how to navigate in crypto world... there is...

Presenting: Blockchain Whispers Wiki

Blockchain Whispers crypto encyclopedia. Everything crypto related and trading related.
Use this and you have no excuse, even if right now you have ZERO btc - you have no excuse to become a millionaire:

How it works?

1) You contribute ORIGINAL content, and verifiable content to Blockchain Whispers community.

2) Every time the content is consumed, it is voted or 'thanked' for.
3) the more people needed it, the more hearts it will get.
4) Hearts = money.

Because I will put something in the pool and also people who will donate and want to see this free public crypto encyclopedia growing... and that pool will be spread 100% across the authors of the articles ranking it per the amount of Blockchain Whispers hearts received.

If you treat it as a job, you can easily earn a salary or three this way and get on your way to a million trading and using other resources Blockchain Whispers related

+ you gain mad community respect.

If you treat it as a hobby or want to input some area of your expertise, you might receive a nice 'appreciation bonus' - that will show you we love you and your knowledge is most welcome here.

What Can You Do: Contribute and comment. Keep our wiki organized and clean. You can get hearts in comments and feedback too. Make sure the content is original, report changes and modifications, help authors craft it. Contributors to the articles share the piece of the pie with the authors, so everyone benefits, everyone grows Blockchain Whispers because Blockchain Whispers is us now.

Presenting: Your Blockchain Whispers Profits

If I want you to truly have Blockchain Whispers as your own, I need to include you in the share of profits. Now, about this one, I am super-excited, because now, officially, we are in this together.

I have built a system where you can cash in on your presence in the crypto community, on forums, boards, in your social media, your blog... or if you're pro, on your websites... you can OWN the most loved, most attractive (and yes the sexiest!) signaling service on Earth!

Now, under your profile, you will see your affiliate link. What is special about this link is you get 10% of LIFETIME profits generated by the audience you bring in. And now with D.A.R.T. and all the cash-rich additions to Blockchain Whispers 2.0., it becomes as easy as taking candy from a baby.

The most powerful force in the world is human mind.
A human mind, your mind, cannot unlock its full potential unless it's free.
And THEY don't want you to be free, so they make credit cards, credits, loans, mortgages, working-your-ass-for-salary... just so you don't have what is called:


When you have the fuck you money, you are not needy. And you know for starters that chicks don't like needy guys.  When you're needy in trading you do rush decisions. When you're needy at work, you might consider sucking dick of your boss to keep at the job. But not you!

Not my brother, Blockchain Whispers family member.

You... not.

And for that reason, I want to give you all the 'fuck you money' you ever need. If you get around $100 per member, you need to get just 10 members to get $1,000 a month!


For as long as they are members. And the more you help them adjust, love the community, use it... the longer they stay. Blockchain Whispers has the biggest stick-rate in the community because people love it. And whenever I earn, you earn.

And how hard it is to find 10 members? 

If it would be me, I'd start with my friends - giving them the link and telling them good things Blockchain Whispers did for me and about Bitcoin and about the last bull run that's about to come. They miss it, they miss probably the easiest money on Earth in this stage of civilization.

Then, I'd post around my social media - not pushy, but one message everywhere.

After that, I'd mention it in the comments, boards etc whenever someone is seeking help.

When I'd see it's working, I'd, knowing me... decide to take it badass and develop a website, blog, youtube, whatever.... and take it pro.

And what do I have in store for my friends who decide to push beyond ordinary?
Glad you asked! Watch this:

After 10 referred members, you go to the new tier, and you get 15% per each referred member.
That way you are making 50% more on your effort as my way of saying: congratulations Tiger!

You push like me, you win like me.

Alright, but what if you're really badass?

If you get over 50 members... you reach the top level at 20% (yes that's double per member!).

You get 20% of income. I still get to pay all the guys, partners, traders,... pool... you get your clean money. This becomes a real business you can build on, focus on promoting as you know it's in good, capable and loving hands in developing.

Your affiliate link is under your profile, and the payouts are instant.

My advice is: start now. When D.A.R.T. and E.A.R. and Wiki and all those new things are just released... you will pick the low hanging fruits, and once you do...

what will you use this money on?

This passive, every month coming in money? in crypto.

You can use it to trade without stress.
You can use it to spend on chicks and relieve stress.
You can use it to save it or to quit job and focus on freedom, crypto and lifestyle...

... and if you're like me - you can use it to afford yourself to risk more pursuing uncertain projects, that if come to life... achieve your dream and make you fulfilled.

Now, with all those things presented, go ahead - explore your new Blockchain Whispers 2.0, and let's build it.

This is the first step, me building it for you... this is just the beginning, now you should go and use it - invite traders to D.A.R.T., vote in E.A.R. and build wiki... and us together, we can make crypto great, more powerful while earning great riches ourselves while sticking tight.

You are my motivation. For you I decided to spend all my earned money in 2018 to present you with this. You and I together... we are the force that they, the outsiders... cannot understand. They have never witnessed such a loyal community of "strangers" - a community of people across the globe sticking here for each other.

The other day I saw on some forums great posts, huge posts about Blockchain Whispers... done by my followers.

I have seen recommendations and tutorials to better understand me and the Blockchain Whispers. 

It made me happy.

Now, I give Blockchain Whispers 2.0 in your hands... and it's time to make our baby grow healthy and strong!

With this said, 

With Love, Respect

In Bear Times And In High Riches,
D Man

Blockchain Whispers Baby!


Now go - enjoy, explore it... because this is the game changer! And you... my friend... are part of this new era and revolution. We together build it. We together are Blockchain Whispers. So what if we together get richer by the time outsiders figure out how to use all these things and who D Man is and stuff... so what if we pick the lowest hanging fruits - we deserved it. You've been here since early days, since bad times... I'd say you deserve some gratification now.

It is work though - get going, get building, it's exciting! We build it, and you leave your trail here with something quality, something to help generations to come. Thank you.

Now That You Read It… I Am Proud To Invite You To Join The Most Accurate, Most Respected (And Wealthiest) Crypto Family Today And Cash-In On Our Badass Crypto Signals!
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Thanks D-MAn. You just created a self growing network marketing system based on knowledge, insider knowledge , success and that can only lead to prosperity and will help for mass adoption of crypto in the long run. The best idea I have ever seen in crypto. WOW
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Great job D. Really looking forward to all of this paying out
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1 year ago ago
you're welcome my friend. Now you take over, build it, use it and profit with it.
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D Man
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Nice, I am actually surprised how happy our fam is with wiki. I didn't expect that. 48hrs we need to polish some things in the wiki and voila, you'll be able to post. In the meantime - prepare your articles.
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Hey D, the crew did awesome work! Congrats! I really enjoy BW2.0 :) Just FYI, I noticed a typo in the E.A.R. News Voting Instructions:(green arrow up) you expect the news to go up as a result of this news, shouldn't it be: you expect the PRICE to go up as a result of this news.
D Man
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thanks, fixed.
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I gotta say D-Man, I am super impressed! BlockChainWhispers 2.0 is clean looking, the D.A.R.T. and E.A.R. systems are so smart and original from any other sites, and the affiliate system you've integrated here is fucking AWESOME!! I've been following BCW since Jan. 2018 and became a VIP member at the start of the "free until $10,000" implementation and I must say, I'M STOKED and SUPER EXCITED to use this new site on a DAILY BASIS... Lastly, I really like the fact that there are lil things throughout the website that gives the user some insight into what kinda amazing, smart, intuitive, and truly generous a person you are D-Man... I must say, GREAT JOB and THANK YOU for this new gift n everything you've done (and continue) to do for all of us brother! Much love...
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