Still The Undisputed... Most Accurate Crypto Signals Team On The Planet

Still The Undisputed... Most Accurate Crypto Signals Team On The Planet

Yesterday our telegram channel @blockchainwhispersbaby I posted this picture (you can follow it as there I put my rant that I consider too much to have here)

It was yesterday.

I wrote a full explanation of what I expect and why.

Look at how the chart looks today:


Bitcoin fell like a brick - over $1500 drop in no time... cashing-in on this artificial pump.

Even I predicted a bit more time for the dump to happen like a day or two more... which means it will be interesting to watch what happens next. This was very violent.

Is this over?

I don't know. It can go up still. But as I reported to our premium members earlier today, we won't be bullish until we see the real money coming in and being bullish.

What is tether?

They just confirmed in audit they have 25% less money than claimed. It makes it fake money.

But who knows even about this audit. There was an audit before that showed "everything" is backed up by USD.

That obviouly proved false.

I don't like to be negative, so I'll say just this.

If this shit stabilizes for a bit, altcoins might pump. That's one thing that's almost certain.

If they have more tether to offload, bitcoin will pump, but being sold for fake money, guess what that causes for the market (exactly this - $1500 dumps in a flash of the moment!).

If they are done, there is no good news and no clear reason for bitcoin to be bullish.


But being smart and disciplined can make you good money. We in premium are disciplined in alts as scoring 15% here, 10% there... adds on. We can't dictate the pace, as there is less real volume, and a bunch of manipulation going on at the moment.

This won't last long, but we have to preserve the capital for the times that will make sense for us to trade.

Premiums will now look to profit off of alts we are holding, be prepared for bitcoin, and avoid leveraged positions. You should consider the same.



Blockchain Whispers Only!

Where btc will go? It can pump to 10-12k or it can go to 3k... the more natural destination is 3... still. Don't shoot the messenger! Love the brother that tells you honestly as it is. 

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  • 285
5m ago
This is really interesting. DMan, we are with you. These is no need for FOMO.
  • 113
5m ago
Keep up the good work gents
  • 302
5m ago
Yes this was a good one. But what about zil and ada for example?
D Man
  • 99
5m ago
Still in play
  • 69
4m ago
And SC, XZC, ZRX, GVT...they're just scammers
  • 62
5m ago
I'm really happy, that the market corrected now. That's best what can happen
Mr. Town
  • 142
5m ago
need more)
  • 73
5m ago
Shared similar sentiments. Earning my way up to premium.
Mr. Town
  • 142
5m ago
nobody is unique, well maybe Churchill) i love this guy
  • 196
5m ago
Thanks for the charts, Dman. It filled the gap on the CME. So far, looks like it will live above the 200 MA on the weekly. Seems to be slowly recovering on the short time frames. But I admit to being afraid to go to the kitchen or bathroom because that is when these 5 minute heinous candles happen up and downside. Can't help but wonder if someone fat fingered this. LOL
  • 49
5m ago
Maybe up maybe down atm
  • 196
5m ago
A $400 pump in a half hour. All I had to do was start dinner. Am I a great cook or what? LOL
  • 127
5m ago
I believe we are completing wave 5 before the dump now ;)
  • 104
5m ago
It was actually an easy trade
  • 62
4m ago
I think the best what can happen to Bitcoin now is, that in the next 6-10 weeks he play ping Pong between 7500 and 8800 usd. So he has time to gather strength before the journey continues upwards.