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Start Insider Trading Before It Becomes Illegal In The CryptoSpace! We Know When, What And Have A Good Idea How Much A Particular Coin Will Grow. Our Small Circle Controls Almost 1% Of The Market. We Are What You Know As Whales. And You Are Invited! Please See If You Qualify Below...

Dear investor, trader, cryptocurrency enthusiast,

If you landed on this page on Dec 3. 2017 and invested $100,000 following every signal I gave – you would have enough today to buy a brand new Lamborghini Huracan for every day of the week (330,000x7).

If you went all in on all my signals, you wouldn't have a single loss bigger than 25% (14.41% on POLL), and that was the only losing signal I gave to members, and the call was good, they just misadvertised the token burn so it will happen in May, not now.

In total I gave 11 signals, one losing, 10 wins. (proof here)

And if you bear with me for a second, I will explain to you why this will be the most important page if you are serious about cryptocurrency investing.

Here it goes: Use this page to support your research. I am not a signal giver to newbies looking to put some money and follow my advice. You can do that too, but you're getting into something you don't know. Instead, get my insiders, get a feel for them, do your own homework and use this as a backbone of your investment decisions

The odds are... with your common sense and good logic and with my signals – you are going to see multiples of your investment over and over for as long as the crypto market is serving us.

Before you say bull, let me tell you who I am. I am in crypto business since 2014. and I prefer to stay anonymous. Not because this letter was written by a robot, but because this is the beauty of our business – our money is only our business.

But I'll tell you this: I bought bitcoin when it was around $450 a coin.

I sold it on Sunday 17 Dec at $19,745 ($11 shy from it's all time high until that point!)

You can say I am lucky. But then I predicted a 22% tomorrow raise in RDD and I called it for my group.

I also called for the spike of Ethereum. As well as pumps of 7 coins ahead of time, 3 of which I didn't even know about the upcoming pump, but the signals were out there.

So, if I won't tell you my name and if I respect you enough not to make up something like Tony Coinz, I will tell you how I do it.

We are a team of 7 what you call 'whale investors' having 2000+ BTC each.

I personally don't disclose my current holdings, but the amount exceeds 2000 BTC worth of my current cryptocurrency portfolio.

We have a team of 4 Japanese analysts, we have a deep understanding of the crypto market, and we are full-time traders ourselves. After we agree on the coin, after our analysts confirm our stands, we tell you about it.

PLEASE NOTE: this does NOT mean necessarily after we invested. In 80% of the cases of signals you get from us, it will be ready-for-investing, but about 20% will be info and analysis about one specific currency that you can't get elsewhere and might get you a competitive advantage if you decide to trade with that coin.

It requires additional research, but the info there is pure gold most others don't know about. Like bounce-back of the market because of the 8 triggers which we predicted spot on to the HOUR!

So, why would I share this with you?

First, you have to understand, at this phase in crypto currency market development, everybody can win.

My win doesn't mean your loss, or the other way around. In fact, it's the opposite.

If I invest in a coin X and you invest, it raises for me, but because of the bubble-trend, it keeps on raising for you too!

I don't talk about pump and dump here either. Our research is more than 10 guys investing in a coin at the same time... We have some 3+ month long positions, and some 3 days. What you get with me is things we do to make 10/11 profitable predictions.

Before you see if you qualify, please note:

There are NO daily signals – we make a prediction when we have something good and that we are putting our money in. You don't need many, you need money. So you get infrequent signals backed by research and most of the times insider knowledge.

Being an insider in crypto still isn't illegal.

Also, when we get you a coin before it's pumped – it's sure money. Again, this isn't illegal either in crypto. It is illegal in stocks though.

With that said, you must know though – this won't last forever – it's just a matter of time when this golden Crypto Age ends, when government says insider trading on crypto is illegal, or when pumping coin prices then selling it becomes against the law. So far it isn't, and so far, I can share this with you.

So, how much will this Investment Multiplier cost you?

Remember, if you put aside 100,000$ of your portfolio with us on December 7th, 2017 (not so long ago, right?) – when we were announcing our first pick to the group – you would have made $2,272,721.09 that is almost enough for 7 brand new Lamborghini Huracans in your garage.

The same math applies if you just invested $10k = it would mean $227,272.11 profit for you.

But the most important is, if you are really unlucky, and even if you started on our most losing day, you'd lose less than 25%, and still make your investment back multiple times back.

So how do you get in?

Simply, you must agree not to repost our signals elsewhere and not to share it anywhere but to your close circle of real life friends.

You must agree not to invest more than you can afford to lose because although crypto market suits us tremendously well at this age, shit has happened in history, and there is no such thing as a sure bet, so invest what you can, and I believe you will do amazingly well with my help.

If you agree, if you qualify, getting in is easy.

Select a subscription below, and you will get a secret invitation to our telegram group. The Telegram application works on your mobile phones, on your desktop so you can get even short-notice signals wherever you are. Most of our positions are similar to real research-backed investments and are not rush buys.

How does the tip look like?

This is an example of a tip you'll get:

See the results:

And... there is more!

Payment Methods

You need Bitcoin and you need Telegram application.


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