About Leakers And just to fuck with a couple of leakers we have - they will be pleasantly surprised...

About Leakers
And just to fuck with a couple of leakers we have - they will be pleasantly surprised when they discover they got an analysis on a coin we thought was good but recent actions turned it into a shit coin. I proved you many times before I am able to identify leakers and I am able to feed them for a month with shit to make them learn the lesson. I have two guys doing just that - so if you want to buy Rolexx instead of real genuine Rolex, don't expect any of the benefits - zero investment value, non genuine, zero quality... and you only end up looking like a fool when you realize Premiums profited and you... well, got on the other end of the equation. Use your brain. Sometimes I catch them more aggressively, sometimes less, but even this turns your risk to reward (especially now that you can get a premium that doesn't expire until you make a bunch of % profit)... unfavorable.

And on the other hand... we need stupid people. Losers are who we profit on. So go ahead buy from leakers, just then don't say you tried Rolex. That was Rolexx and you well know it. Only you to blame.

"But sir I am a poor guy" bullshit.

First of all, that is why I have a free signal channel - to help you grow to the point you can afford premium with ease. Free channel is SAFER than leaks channel. As even in a rare case when I don't find them for a month, how is the next call going to look like when I do? Equally as juicy, just on the losing side of equation. Enough to make it expensive for you to take leakers calls.

And if you have 0.001btc - then really what the fuck you are doing in investment world? Go buy a burger.

Every serious person, who thinks seriously about crypto can get $500 aside and start. With free channel, your own research and a bunch fo scalping that's easy to do on small budgets - you'll be in no time at 5k, and that at this rate of bitcoin, you can easily afford premium and invest in one long term pick like this one super-call we have ready now.

Then you enjoy the summer, go jerk off, enjoy.

Before you know it, should our call be what I expect it to be — you're sitting on 15k or 25k — and now you can do something with it.


You can do the same road but you get 5k, go with leakers, spend a little on them, and invest in a shitcoin... and you manage to successfully turn your 5k to 2k in BULLISH times!

If after all this explanation you decide for a fake - then you deserve it. You've been warned.

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