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About bitcoin: Fact: this channel had by far the most accurate, the most precise predictions and...

warnings on bitcoin. Some even scared you with precisions.

Now why I don't post every step update?

I did until now - but the thing is - most TAs that were happy last year, are failing miserably this year. I don't want to name - but see some top TAs, and how they are having problems this year.

They miss the most important point - it is human psychology.

What gained more popularity this year than any other?

Bitcoin shorting!

This means what is different in 2018? Yup, you guessed it - you can make money when bitcoin goes up and down,... and really for pro traders that do that - the most profitable bitcoin is volatile bitcoin.

TAs are doing patterns, but charting patterns is as reactive as counting number of people at a concert of David Guetta and making predictions for Mariah Carey concert. Reactive, and only accurate to a very limited extend.

So how I was able to predict bitcoin so accurately every single time until now sometimes against all calls and many times to $30 margin - it's still a secret. However the hint is - base yourself on 3 factors: 1) bull and bear teams (forces of traders - communities); 2) institutions 3) momentum

Then back it of with charts. Charts are like stopping points. The whole point now is for you to realize the big picture. This post won't be another prediction because if you go and read from about a month back - you have it all. You have to study it and really, at the end of the day ask yourself - are you really a day trader? If not - sit back, relax, you know what to do.