About 30 years ago, guys started discovering technical analysis (TA), some guys became better at it...

than others... and they rocked - they fucking rocked, one example is Martin Schwartz - you can read in his book Pitbull the lessons of wallstreet champion trader - or something like that. He discovered FIRST the connection between commodities and futures market... top stocks index vs tomorrow futures... and he made a fortune trading.

Then guys started learning Elliot, Fibonacci, different theories,... and they were profiting.


Because they were AHEAD! of the curve.

Remember, when you sit at a poker table, look around you for the fish... if you don't notice any, you're the one.

Many TAs today think they are experts - but doing TA with tradingview, with all the tools, is easy. They are the fish.

And they don't get it because they manage to get 60% profits... because why?

So many new guys in crypto and of course putting ANY amount of work gives you an edge... even TA.

But most... they are the fish...

And I told you once after 9 accurate bitcoin predictions (confident to say most accurate calls that anyone has made this year) - I told you my strategy - I realized the next step before most. Good thing about TA guys is they are predictable... so knowing when they will consider something bullish puts you one step ahead of the curve...

People are social creatures. Facts and psychology are two of the most important factors you can do to win a trade. If you read and listen to how I taught you to consider investing, you'll join me and my team in victories - simply by NOT doing stupid mistakes and occassionally when you feel like it doing something right for change ;)

If you want to know my secret how YOU, yes you can profit in crypto without anyone, the secret is: out work them, out analyse them.

Even if you know SHIT, nothing about trading, you go and pick random coin 151 on coinmarket cap and you go find everything, call the team, ask them for feedback, find twitter, read before, compare charts vs bitcoin, compare volumes, compare all... you don't trade for days just analyze that one coin... the odds are in your favor I'd say 70% vs TAs that have 60%... you're already ahead as a complete, but dilligent beginner.

Now, if you combine that work with the work of my very passionate, hardworking team... you became in-the -know one percenter that knows and that is prospering in both economies bearish and bullish.

How did I learn to profit in bearish - because that week that was a bit off - I didn't sleep - I was analyzing, learning about stock market bear periods, learning about forex bears, about crypto historic bears,... seeing things I could have played differently... and even a fool if persistent enough after some time finds a formula - just most aren't persistent enough.

Now when you join us in Premium today - you join forces with us... so my work, plus work of my team plus your work gives you an edge. Something tells me you'll know how to use it well. What do you think?

Get in now, or risk kicking yourself in a few days' time when I'm posting dozens of fresh screenshots from new, happy investors. Investors who know that human psychology is on their side, and they're wildly profiting from it.

Only 5 hours left...

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